The Appropriate Way of Using Vehicle Lift

The lubrication of the vehicle lift platform equipment directly affects the normal operation of each mechanism, and it is closely related to the extension of the vehicle lift platform life span and safety production.

Maintenance While Using Vehicle Lift

  1. Regularly check whether each rotating part is operating normally and whether there is any abnormal sound. Once discovered, eliminate it in time.
  2. Regularly check whether the working pressure of the hydraulic system is normal and whether there is any leakage in the pipeline. Once discovered, remove it in time.

Check whether the operator uses the equipment in accordance with the operating procedures, and promptly guide if any problems are found.

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  1. The main structure of the main body and the guide rail type lifting platform shall be fully inspected at least once every six months.
  2. Check all the connecting bolts, especially the connecting bolts of the guide frame, the guide rail and the table, pay great attention to it, and there must be no looseness.
  3. The maintenance period of the chain is 6 months for safe use.
  4. Safe use of electrical appliances and maintenance period of 3-5 months
  5. Frequently check the up and down stroke switch of the electric rolling shutter door of the vehicle liftplatform, add lubricating oil to the stroke controller to maintain normal and good operation. In addition, the operator manually controls the rolling door, checks the operation of the device, and checks the up and down strokes. Switch position so that the electric rolling shutter door is in the proper position when it is opened or closed. During the inspection process, the electric rolling shutter door should be strictly prevented from topping or bottoming or reversing. If an emergency occurs, immediately cut off the power to stop the operation of the vehicle lift platform, and contact maintenance personnel.

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Troubleshooting of Vehicle Lift

  1. The lifting speed of the vehicle lift platform has slowed down, so adjust the overflow valve by yourself. After the relief valve was adjusted, the lifting speed did not increase, but the vehicle lift freight elevator failed to stop the operation.
  2. Improper use or aging, and the use of guide rail elevators for dirt has slowed down. After the speed slows down, first consider the factor of hydraulic oil flow. Factors affecting the flow of hydraulic oil include: hydraulic pipelines, hydraulic valves, hydraulic oil pumps, motor speed control devices, etc.
  3. The overflow valve is generally placed inside the pump station with an adjustment valve on one side. Its function is to prevent the hydraulic system pressure from being too high and to protect the hydraulic system settings. It is dangerous to simply set the overflow valve. If the pressure in the oil cylinder or the oil pipe is too high, serious failures of blasting may occur. The customer of the rail-type elevator freight elevator stopped the failure because of self-adjusting the overflow valve.
  4. The hydraulic system pressure should be checked only when the guide rail elevator cannot be started with load. If the pressure is lower than the normal range, the overflow valve setting value can be adjusted.
  5. The hydraulic oil has deteriorated or has impurities. After the hydraulic oil has been used for a long time, there may be impurities or deterioration in the hydraulic oil. Take a sample and check to see if it contains solid particles, discoloration, or odor. Replace the hydraulic oil if necessary.
  6. The hydraulic pipeline may be blocked. The hydraulic pipeline is also a very important link. Check whether the hydraulic pipeline is unblocked. The editor reminds everyone to focus on checking whether each hydraulic valve, including one-way stop valve, electromagnetic reversing valve, proportional control valve, overflow valve, etc., is blocked or stuck. If there is a problem, clean or replace the hydraulic valve in time.
  7. Hydraulic pump is also an important factor affecting hydraulic oil flow. Hydraulic pumps that have been used for too long are also prone to problems. When the speed of the hydraulic lifting platform slows down, check whether the oil supply flow of the hydraulic pump is stable. If you find any problems, contact the manufacturer in time to avoid the warranty period.
  8. There may be leakage in the hydraulic system. Check the hydraulic system for leaks, and focus on the connections of hydraulic pipes and joints, cylinders, and hydraulic valves. If hydraulic oil leaks, replace the composite pad or wrap the raw material tape.