How to operate Hydraulic Mobile scissor lift?

Mobile lift operation manual

Common sense for daily use of mobile scissor lift Mobile scissor lift must be placed on solid, flat ground to prevent them from tilting when working. According to the specified rated load work, is strictly prohibited overload use. In an emergency, temporary overloading is allowed at most. Materials that are easy to roll, such as circles, must be bundled and protected.

Distribute the goods as evenly as possible in the middle of the table. Under special circumstances, allowable off-loading: longitudinally off-loading shall not exceed the rated load; transversely off-loading shall not exceed the rated load. The off-load must be approximately mm away from the stage side.

It is strictly prohibited to carry people in the mobile elevator without manned protection. The lifting platform for manned use is equipped with guardrail and anti-crack valve. The anti-crack valve can prevent the accident of the work platform falling out of control due to the ruptured oil pipe

Press the “up” or “down” button to make the working platform rise or fall.

Mobile lift to prevent hands, feet and clothes from being squeezed when working.

If the working platform does not move, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. If the lift does not rise and you hear harsh noise from the relief valve, stop immediately for inspection. Otherwise, the oil pump will overheat and cause serious damage. The relief valve is designed to protect the safety of the machine and the operator and shall not be adjusted arbitrarily. Only when the working platform stops working can the goods be discharged.

Characteristics of mobile lift:

Mobile lift has a base, boom and three parts of the table. The base is welded with steel plates of corresponding strength. The boom is a scissor hinged vertical lift.

The main structure of the lifting platform is made of high strength manganese steel rectangular control, high strength, strong and durable.

With anti – fall safety protection system to prevent pipe burst.

Manual control drop valve is provided for emergency drop in case of power failure.

The use of refined hydraulic oil cylinder body, imported seals, to ensure good sealing performance of the cylinder. , mobile lift is equipped with manual hydraulic device, can be in power failure or no power supply place as usual lifting work, and can add table telescopic device, in the platform length is insufficient can be extended to the required position, so as to improve the work efficiency. Bullet trade she ji shoot brick Haloqiuyier. , movable lift fence height between, the customer can choose the fence height according to the requirements.

mobile scissor lift platform

operating instructionsof mobile scissor lift

  1. Inspection: For the first use of the platform (after long distance transportation or too long time in storage), carefully check the hydraulic pipeline and electrical system to ensure that there is no leakage of hydraulic pipeline and joint and no loosening of electrical lines before use.
  2. Supporting legs: The supporting legs should be fully opened to the baffle position and supported on the solid ground. Sleepers can be used when necessary, and the supporting legs can be adjusted to the level through the supporting leg screw (visual inspection).
  3. Run: point a, according to the platform below the panel box on the “lifting” control button, when rise to 5 meters high press the “stop” control button on the panel box, check each joint of the hydraulic line, and electrical circuit for the leakage and scrape, pressure, to ensure that the platform after the longitudinal vertical (visual) may continue to the maximum height of lifting the platform.This step must be repeated when the platform is used for the first time or in a new place of use.B Point A, press the “descend” control button on the electric panel box below the platform, and the platform will descend.

Directions for use of traction and auxiliary lift walking lifts

Turn on the walking power and observe whether the power is sufficient, whether the surrounding is safe and there are no obstacles.Turn the handle in the right direction to move forward, backward, or sideways.

Notes for lifting platform

  1. It is strictly prohibited to use without supporting legs.
  2. Outdoor operation is strictly prohibited when the wind force exceeds level 5.
  3. After the platform is raised, do not move until it falls back to its original height.
  4. During the use of the platform, it is strictly prohibited to run over height or overload.
  5. In case the platform fails to work normally, the power source shall be cut off in time.
  6. It is strictly prohibited to work with sick equipment. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble and adjust the hydraulic valve block and electrical components.

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