What is a wheelchair lift?

Wheelchair lift is a set of lift equipment installed in or outside the home/building to elevate the disabled people who are restricted by limited mobility among floors. It helps those people break through the obstacles of upstairs so that they can have flexible access to basement, balcony, patios and higher floors in home.


How to choose a right wheelchair lift for your home?

1) Investigate your home structure.

Wheelchair lift can be installed both in indoor space and outdoor places, which depends on your building structure and design. For example, if your home is higher than the horizon and there are upstairs between your home and the ground, you can install the wheelchair lift outside your home. And if you just need to move up and down the indoor stairs, you can install the machine in indoor space. Besides, make sure what the lifting height is in your home.

outdoor wheelchair lift

2) Search for the reliable wheelchair lift manufacturers.

Once your home structure and installing site is decided, it’s time to select a reliable wheelchair lift manufacturer from even global market. A qualified manufacturer not only can offer you a high quality and economical wheelchair lift, but can also provide a whole range of service for you, from the installation of the machine to the future application period.

3) Get familiar with the wheelchair lift you want to buy.

Before making a buying decision, you should learn and compare different kinds of wheelchair lifts sold on the market. Particularly, more attention should be paid to the one that you prefers and best suits for your home. The detailed considerations of buying a wheelchair lift are recommended as followings.

a.Working performance ranks first among all machine details.
b.Safety factor is a vital consideration in actual wheelchair lift use.
c.Installation and trial run have to be done meticulously.
d.Working lifetime and maintenance methods of the wheelchair lift must be noted.
e.Make sure what post-sale service will be provided from the manufacturers.
f.Price: are the wheelchair lift and relative service worth the money you will pay.

wheelchair lift

A right wheelchair lift will bring much convenience, comfort and flexibility to the disabled people. But an improper wheelchair lift will only result in troubles to you. For more questions on choosing a decent wheelchair lift, please visit our website or write to us. we’ll reply to you with professional solutions and technical support.