The hydraulic trailer boom lift platform is also called the towable-arm lifting platform or trailer knuckle-arm lifting platform. It uses external power such as cars, pickup trucks, and other high-altitude operation equipment for traction. The knuckle-arm lifting platform has 360° rotation, convenient movement, simple operation, and operation. Features such as large radius, good balance, and high stability. The four automatic hydraulic outriggers can support both four outriggers or single-leg support in the case of uneven roads, which has good ground adaptability. It is widely used in fields that require high-altitude operations such as stations, docks, airports, municipalities, public buildings, power maintenance, street lights, advertising, communications, gardens, and large industrial and mining enterprises. It has the characteristics of a large operating radius, flexible and convenient movement, good passability, a maximum height of up to 20m working height, simple operation and maintenance, convenience, and good stability.



Because of the bracket under the platform, the boom hydraulic lift runs very smoothly when loaded. The mobile boom lift platform is mainly four-wheel mobile walking and generally consists of three parts: a base, a boom structure, and a working table. The base is welded with corresponding strength steel plates; the boom structure is made of high-strength manganese steel rectangular pipes from Shangang Group and Shanghai Baosteel Group, with high strength and beautiful appearance;

Better cost performance

For the information you are investigating, to choose a lifting machine with better cost performance, you must choose from its technical parameters, practicability, and versatility. There are usually many types of lifting machines, including (vehicle type, fixed type, hydraulic, boom-type, etc.) The technical parameters and uses of each type are slightly different, but there are also many functions that are similar. Therefore, as a customer, you have to purchase with a purpose, that is, what do you want to buy a lifting machine, and which Lifting machinery can meet your needs and has many uses. I would rather explain the price for a lifetime than regret for the quality.

With perfect after-sales service

In the process of daily use, due to various force majeure factors, the lifting platform will have some failures. At this time, if you repair it yourself, it will take a long time to slow down the progress of the project. Before purchasing a boom lifting platform, you must follow The merchant customer service communicates in detail the after-sales repair service and maintenance service, so as to ensure the rights and interests of consumers. Our company Morn’s after-sales service system is one of the best among these companies in the same industry. Warranty: 12 months apart from man-made faults from receiving of lift, if the installation is delayed for some reason, the warranty can be delayed to max 18 months. The spare parts can be provided for free during the warranty. During the warranty, if the equipment was broken due to the quality itself, we can do the free maintenance and provide the needed spare parts until it can work for normal use. If it is man-made faults, the client needs to pay the material cost. Tires, electric parts do not belong to the scope of a warranty. We will provide all-life long technical support, online service, and 7*24hours phone support.

After reading this article, do you know what advantages do the boom lifts have? The traction type folding arm lifting platform is widely used in the installation and maintenance of municipal, electric power, road administration, advertising, communication, photography, gardening, transportation, docks, airports and ports, large industrial and mining enterprises, etc. It is suitable for various rugged and uneven terrains in the field, with a large space operation radius. For any requirements, please free to contact Jinan Morn Technology co.,ltd-Professional lift manufacturer to get more details. We are a professional producer of hydraulic lift platform for over 20years.