How to install the small cargo lift

Professional technical specifications and models

The specification and model of the bottom pit of the side-volume electric lifting platform, and the specification and model of countertop of the integrated service platform during the small cargo lift work should be small.In the pit, the specification model is 80mm or 60mm (smaller load limit).

cargo lift installation


Tie the lifting hook of the small cargo lift base with a galvanized steel wire rope, hoist it to the order position, and release it after placing it steadily rope. After the integrated service platform enters the pit during the lift work, the staff will have to enter the pit for position adjustment and wiring

At work. The interior space of the pit is designed to be small, and installation or maintenance will not be accessible. At this time, the small cargo lift must be integrated. The platform of small cargo lift access opening is opened, and the pull-in type opens so that the integrated service platform is in a rising position during the elevator work.Workers can work in the pit.

cargo lift installation

Position adjustment

Adjust the small cargo lift to a rational position. Keep the integrated service platform level with the ground during lift work; During the landing work, the gap between the edge of the integrated service platform and the edge of the pit cooperates with high quality.


The driving force control module of the small cargo lift is a split type, which must be equipped with hydraulic tubing, travel switch line source and control line source. The connection in the middle.

The small cargo lift finds the hydraulic oil pipe to connect with the hydraulic oil pipe on the control box.

The two-copper core cable source found in the control box is connected to the terminal block located on the chassis of the integrated service platform during elevator work on.

The integrated service platform must be connected to the control line source during the work of the elevator with function keys for the operation process in the machine and equipment operating table.

Connect the color matching of the multi-color line source found in the control box to the terminal block of the chassis of the integrated service platform during elevator work.


After the propulsion power transformer is connected, the test operation can be carried out to check the electric lifting platform. When it rises to a larger value, the electric lifting

Whether the platform and the high-level machine equipment operation table have high-quality mutual cooperation. Adjust the up, down, left, and right spacing of the travel switch to

The electric lifting platform is level with the high-rise ground; the gap between the electric lifting platform and the edge of the high-rise pit cooperates with each other for high quality.


After the position is established, the integrated service platform can be fixed unchanged, and the electric lifting platform can be fixed with iron expansion bolts.

Constantly unchanged, then put the plastering mortar into the gap between the chassis and the ground, or install the embedded parts when grouting the pit foundation

Iron (specification and model can be up and down in the length 300*width 300*thickness 12mm stainless steel plate), the chassis and the embedded iron are butt welded during installation.


After the small cargo lift is installed, it can be operated. The surface of the counter is placed according to the approved lifting (the goods are placed on platform above) carry out the increase and decrease operation, and the fund allocation can be used without any problem if the operation is no problem.

Use the column square steel pipe and the internal thread to accurately position, install the four columns and then use the screw nut to quickly; then use the auxiliary chuck

Establish the position of the structure, and weld the three structures and the column; accurately position the manufactured elevator angle steel embedded guide rail

In the groove of the shaft, use the top screw nut to clamp the guide rail and the frame for butt welding; in advance, the cement block and the rack are twisted with anchor screws

Tighten, fix the rack on the rack positioning pin according to the pin holes on both sides of the rack, clamp it with the top screw nut, and then connect it with the

Tightened cement blocks are butt welded to the structure. After checking the accuracy of the specifications and models of the electric lifting platform, arc welding on each part.