Boom-lift-Provide-you-a -higher-platform

In the modern world, more and more buildings come out, maintenance and cleaning is going to be a problem, like street light maintenance, warehouse use, shopping mall, and other installation works, so there comes a problem, how to do an aerial job? Especially height 6m to 10m, 20m and even above 30m.

Here we recommend our boom lift for you, which has articulated boom and telescopic boom lift, It’s designed for aerial work from which we can stand to continue our job. The power can be battery and diesel power. The structures with a size lower than 16m and electric motor type are compact, which make the boom can go through the small opening and operate in small space. It is easy for maintenance and repair with swing-out engine tray. The four-wheel drive is powerful with great grade-ability, which can move on the 45% road.

The articulating boom machine offers multi-faceted functions of positioning upward, outward and crossing so that you can reach whatever place you want to go through various ways.

In a word, the boom lift becomes a necessity for us. As we all want a higher platform to reach the world.