Goods lift is the featured product of pride for MORN, a professional lift equipment manufacturer with 18-year manufacturing practice and more than 10 years of exporting experience.

We have released the newest generation of goods lift after the 68th Chinese National Day anniversary, as the gift to the country’s birthday and 68-year made-in-China.

Designed to improve goods handling efficiency without sacrificing safety and stability, our new cargo lift was successfully tested in the factory and has been launched to market now.

new designed goods lift

Joint effort of 16-month from our engineers, technicians and co-workers contributes greatly to the research and innovation of goods lift design and manufacturing technology. Repetitive tests and practices guaranteed the quality, safety and especially quickness of the new cargo elevator lift.

Then what improvements does it have? What benefits can it bring to users?

1. Lifting Speed: 21m/min.

The goods lift is directly driven by gear reducer which powers synchronous belts to achieve the lifting and lowering of the lift platform. Its acceleration and deceleration speed are both smooth, and the maximum safe speed can reach 21m/min, more than quintuple faster than that of general hydraulic goods lift (average 4m/min). So goods handling work time and cost will be highly shortened. Users who win the speed, who win the industry!

goods lift power unit

2. Safety: 4 Safety Devices Ensure Safe use.

a. 2 high strength steel-wire synchronous belts can hold loads of 4000kg, but we require users to load goods not more than 800kg, that is, the safety factor is 500%.

b. Worm-gear motor reducer ensures the lift’s control and transmission system works coordinately and reliably.

c. Overload alarm system reminds users not to overload goods to avoid accidents.

d. Industrial frequency changer guarantees the stable lifting and lowering process.

goods lift can help

3. Easy Installation: non-professional personnel can install the lift quickly.

Each part and component of the new lift are simplified by standard manufacturing lines, for easy installation and maintenance. “Point-and-install” installation process enables non-professional users to install the lift by their workers in a fast way, saving money paid for professional installation service.

goods lift drawing

4. Shipping Cost: 60% is Saved.

Before delivery, the lift platform can be disassembled for packaging. A 40h container can load 5 sets of this new lift, but only 2 sets of traditional goods lift, which means buyers can save 60% shipping cost.

goods lift shipping

5. Warranty: 10-Year for the Main Structure and 2-Year for the Whole Lift.

We extend the warranty period to show our confidence on the quality and performance of the new designed cargo lift elevator. Such longer warranty is uncommon in the lift manufacturing industry. Free operation training and instant technical support are available by our 7*24h online service.

new goods lift

If you plan to upgrade your lift equipment or get a high efficient goods lift with reasonable price and professional service, please contact us for any question of the lift parameters, optional configurations, installation requirement, or operation guidelines.

Also free 3D virtual design drawings can be offered to you to confirm the optimized installation and lifting solution before you make the decision.