How to choose a good mobile scissor lift for aerial work

When someone wants to finish an aerial work, mobile scissor lift platform  is what you want on your side. It helps user to get the task done faster, safer, and better. It is popular in a wide use of industries to finish the cleaning, maintenance and construction. Of course, not all mobile scissor lifts are created equal. A good one will balance the convenience and safety and will make sure your working more successful and stress-free.

Mobile scissor lift main feature

  1. The surface of the whole machine is shot blasted, and the bottom and two sides are sprayed with paint.
  2. The shear fork part adopts Q345B high-strength manganese steel rectangular tube, which makes the shear arm thicker and the wind resistance of the equipment is greatly enhanced.
  3. The pull-in and detachable guardrail of the working platform is convenient for disassembly, which can reduce storage space and facilitate entry and exit of places with height restrictions.
  4. Four telescopic support legs are installed on the chassis, which can effectively ensure the stability of the platform during use.
  5. The electrical control box is designed to be rainproof, so you can rest assured even when used outdoors.
  6. There are two small wheels on both sides of the driving wheel, which play a balancing role and prevent rollover when turning.
  7. The application of Can-Bus technology can greatly reduce the number of wiring harnesses in the car body, and the reduction of wiring harnesses greatly reduces the possibility of failure
  8. The electro-hydraulic proportional control can modulate the hydraulic parameters according to the electrical input signal to achieve fast, stable and precise control of the lifting of the equipment
  9. Suction-cup leveling legs with level indicators always provide a solid and stable ground support for the platform, even on slightly uneven ground
  10. The double-stroke switch limit of the platform and the cylinder piston provides double guarantee for raising the limit. When the platform reaches the highest point, it is very stable and guaranteed to the greatest extent.
  11. The lifting structure is made of strength manganese steel rectangular tube.
  12. It is equipped with safety protection device to prevent overload.
  13. It is equipped with safety protection valve to effectively prevent the hydraulic pipeline from cracking.
  14. Equipped with emergency descent device, it can descend in case of power failure to ensure safety.
  15. When the emergency descent device is opened in case of accidental loss of power, the platform will slowly lower; the compressive capacity of high-pressure steel wire tubing is far greater than the maximum pressure of hydraulic system, which ensures the safety of oil pipe.
  16. The lifting can be controlled by inching up and down the platform.
  17. Emergency stop buttons are installed at the top and bottom of the working platform to ensure the safety of personnel; the system is equipped with emergency drop valve, which can be used to make the platform fall down safely in case of sudden power failure.

mobile scissor lift platform

Why choose MORN

MORN LIFT is 20 years mobile scissor lift manufacturer with strict quality control, professional design and good service in order to protect all of our customers’ rights. We try our best to ensure the quality of every mobile scissor lift and all of our regular customers give us positive feedback. Every mobile scissor lift has the high-strength scissor structure and an efficient hydraulic system to guarantee the best performance during your aerial working process. Accoridng to difference working environment, we also have some option parts to meet differenct requirements. Besides standard AC power, we also have battery power, diesel power to choose. For more easily removing, mobile scissor lift also can be added assistant walking system, then it will be removed by battery power under steering control.