Stationary dock ramps are commonly used in factories, warehouses, wharves, logistics centers, and other workplaces where cargoes need to be loaded or unloaded from/out of containers or trucks. To install a stationary hydraulic dock ramp is not that easy just like you buy a machine and put it in somewhere directly. So if you plan to install a stationary dock ramp for containers, what should you do to achieve a right installation?

1.Decide the installing sites.

If your factory has several exits for loading and unloading goods, several stationary dock ramps can be installed to improve work efficiency. Or you can also choose the best exit which connects warehouse with the containers conveniently.

2.Learn the basics of stationary dock ramp in advance.

Having a good understanding about the specifications, parameters and basic structure of stationary dock ramp will help you make sufficient preparations for the installing work. Platform dimension and lifting height are the main elements that influence the dimension of the pit.

stationary dock ramp3.Renovate or build new pits to install the stationary dock ramp.

Stationary yard ramps are installed by being embedded into the ground and the ramp platform must parallel with the ground, so that people can walk over the platform when the ramp is retracted. If the installing site is decided, consider what kind of pit should be built from a pragmatic perspective.

stationary dock ramp

4. Safety rules should be considered.

If installed incorrectly, the stationary dock leveler will cause accidents and property loss. Safety rules are therefore of great importance to installing process. You can adopt the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to install the stationary yard ramp safely. And test running must be done before actually utilizing the ramp to ensure safety.

As for the containers, the stationary dock ramp should be applicable to the height of containers which have standard dimensions. For further information about stationary dock ramp, please feel free to contact us, and we will offer you professional solutions and service.