It’s an exciting news for MORN LIFT that the company’s exhibition was a big success in the Big 5 Heavy Exhibition held in Dubai World Trade Centre during March 26-28th 2018. There were four lifting platforms being exhibited on the spot, including a high speed goods lift powered by gear reducer, a 10m aluminum single mast lift, a 10m aluminum double masts lift, and a steering mobile scissor lift. All these four products are featured and recommended star products of MORN LIFT.

MORN LIFT in exhibition of the Big 5 Heavy

Then what performance and achievements did we obtain from this exhibition? Let us share you some details.

1. Exhibited Products were all Sold Out During Exhibition.

The four exhibited lift platforms were shipped to Dubai in advance and installed and tested on the spot. Thanks to our local installation team who worked with our staff finishing the installation and testing work proficiently and professionally, the preparatory work was smooth and in order. What made us pride was that the lifted platforms attracted much attention from visitors. Many of them personally operated the lift and experienced the safe and stable lifting/lowering process, which convinced them to order the lift on the site and build cooperation relationship with MORN LIFT. The four exhibited lift platforms were all sold out smoothly, and we also received a bundle of order contracts and prepaid deposits from customers.

goods lift installation

2. Local GNTV Interviewed MORN Exhibitors.

MORN exhibitors were honored to be interviewed by GNTV staff who talked about MORN brand, MORN products category, global business and customer service with our staff. This interview strengthened our confidence that MORN products and service would be spread to wider corners of the world. Facing a promising development prospect, all MORN members will spend more effort than ever before to manufacture high quality lift products and offer considerate service to global users.

3. Visit Local Customer and Inspect Lift Condition.

After the exhibition, our staff visited Dubai local regular customers who have been cooperated with MORN for many years. Our lift engineers and technical sales inspected the condition and operation of our goods lift installed in local warehouses. They gave on-site operation training and maintenance instructions. Hopefully, the lifts worked well in daily goods handling work due to its creditable quality and work performance, as well as the proper maintenance of the owner. Most of them came to our booth to experience our featured products and discuss deeper cooperation with us.

scissor man lift

4. A Batch of Orders are Now Produced in Our Standard Production Lines.

Our factory is now busy with designing and manufacturing goods lifts, aluminum mast lifts and scissor lifts ordered by customers from the Big 5 Heavy Exhibition. Standard production lines operated by our skilled workers have a high productivity and quality standard. If you are rightly planning to choose a cargo lift or man lift for your business, welcome to contact us and visit our factory. If you place orders now, machines production will be added to the scale production with strict quality control and on time delivery.

No matter you are regular customers or new customers, at MORN we always provide you with cost-effective lifting solutions with fair prices, professional customer service and bespoke products. Just contact us today to find the best suitable fit for your business.