On April 25th 2017, American customer Bob and his wife Laura flied to China and visited our factory for testing the hydraulic wheelchair lift with cabin. Their journey to our company and factory was worthwhile as they ordered a set of satisfying cabin wheelchair lift. They did compare general wheelchair lift with cabin wheelchair lift from the perspective of work performance and safety, based on which they decided to buy the latter one.

What are the Advantages of Hydraulic Wheelchair Lift with Cabin? 1

This article will give you an introduction on the advantages of wheelchair lift with cabin to help you choose the best suitable wheelchair lift.

1. Enclosed cabin is safer.

Wheelchair lift with cabin has an enclosed platform space in which people or wheelchair people can feel safer than that of open platform. The cabin will travel up and down with more stable and smooth performance so that users won’t feel swaying in it.

2. Easier control and operation.

As control panel is installed inside the cabin and on each floor, users can have easy controls in and outside the cabin. The most important thing is that users can operate their lifting and lowering process on their own, without troubling their families.

3. Lighter aluminum alloy material.

There is no need to worry about whether the weight of cabin platform will affect the work performance of wheelchair lift, for the cabin structure is made of aluminum alloy material, lighter and durable.

4. Better protection on platform.cabin wheelchair lift

The enclosed cabin can protect the wheelchair lift platform from corroding or rusting from rain and snow, maintaining its good performance and prolonging its service life. Also, users won’t be moistened by rain during rainy days. And this protective shell can effectively reduce the maintenance frequency of wheelchair lift platform.

For more details about cabin wheelchair lift, please visit our website and directly contact us at any time. If needed, welcome to visit our factory and personally have a trial running on our machine.