The motor is the core part of the industrial elevators and lifts. We should use it correctly because the correct use of the motor can prolong the service life of the industrial elevators and lifts, so it is necessary to master the correct method. So what are the ways to use and maintenance the industrial elevators and lifts motor correctly?

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Maintenance of elevators and lifts motor

  1. Cleaning: Regularly clean up the dust or debris on the elevator motor, otherwise the accumulated dust will fall into the motor and the fan will be very difficult to run.
  2. Avoid humidity: Never use it outdoors in rainy or snowy weather. During storage, you must also choose a clean and dry place for storage.

If the water has entered the motor of the elevator and lift, the motor should be removed, and the motor should be disassembled so that the water can evaporate quickly.

  1. Avoid arbitrarily adjusting the overflow valve: The manufacturer adjusts the overflow valve of the elevator to a good condition before delivery. If the customer adjusts it randomly during use, the internal pressure will fluctuate, and it will be shortened if it is serious.
  2. Wiring: It is strictly forbidden to connect the wrong power cord. When wiring, carefully check whether it is 380V or 220V.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to overload: avoid overloading when using the electric hydraulic lift. This will bring a burden to the motor and may burn the motor.
  4. Heat dissipation: Pay attention to the heat dissipation of the elevator during use in summer to avoid excessive temperature to prevent burnout of the circuit.

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Elevators and lifts circuit

Most of the current industrial elevators and lifts are powered by an external power supply, so in addition to being familiar with the elevator operation knowledge and emergency response plan, the operator should also have the basic method of line inspection so that early detection and early judgment can be made. So what are the ways to repair the elevator circuit?

  1. When using the voltage file to detect the elevator and lift, the power needs to be turned on, and then the voltage should be measured according to the circuit schematic diagram, and the fault point can be determined and analyzed by the measured voltage value.
  2. When using a universal meter to check the failure of the elevator and lift, the resistance file and the voltage file can be used for detection.
  3. When using the short-circuit method to check, you can short-circuit the possible fault contact switches, etc. based on the control principle diagram of the elevator and lift. If the fault is eliminated, it means that the fault will be checked after the scope is reduced in this part. This will help you find where the fault is.
  4. When using the resistance file to check, the power supply needs to be disconnected and then measured through the circuit schematic diagram, and the fault point is analyzed according to the measured resistance value.

Therefore, we should immediately report when there is a line failure in the elevator and lift, and timely feedback to the relevant departments and manufacturers when inspecting the line. On-site maintenance personnel should be available to prevent safety accidents caused by private opening and closing of the switch during the inspection of the line. Keep calm when the line is faulty. After the repair, if the fault is not resolved, you should promptly ask professional maintenance personnel to go to the site for maintenance to avoid delayed use and affect work efficiency.