On 12th Oct. 2017, we received cargo lift feedback photos from a Philippines customer who purchased a 8t cargo lift from us. That day was a big day for him, as his new warehouse was opened for broadened goods handling business.

According to their local traditions, starting a new business is a solemn event. This customer held an opening ceremony by inviting priests and a group of families, friends and business partners. The priest presided over the ceremony to pray for a new start, good business development and fruitful result.

goods lift used for warehouse

All comers wore red cloths to show respect and congratulation to the host. During meal time, this customer gladly shared the hydraulic goods lift he bought from us to his friends.

When his warehouse was being built, he had sent us inquiry for a heavy-duty goods lift to transfer goods between the two-storied warehouse. On deeply understanding his application and need, our engineers firstly worked out a 3D virtual design drawing as per the installation environment. After twice of modifications, he decided the final design.
8 ton cargo lift feedback

We also recommended a highly safe cargo lift with steel mesh enclosure which can prevent injuries and incidents during lifting and lowering process. And the platform size was customized based on the dimension of the floor opening between two floors.

When the customer received the lift, his workers installed it with our installation manual and videos. Then the lift won praise from them after two weeks of application. From their feedback photos we can judge that MORNLIFT goods lift adapted itself well to the new environment. Also overseas installation and maintenance service is available on customers’ demand.

Meanwhile, there were other suppliers communicating with him, but all in vain. As a professional goods lift manufacturer with 18 years of manufacturing experience and 10 years of exporting practices, we always stand behind our products and our customers. It was our lift quality, professional customization and responsible service that convinced this customer to choose us.

By upgrading product quality and working closely with customers, our goods lift manufacturing technology has recently achieved great breakthrough – MORNLIFT released high speed goods lift series with max lifting speed reaching 21m/min, within high safety range.

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