It’s a more and more common phenomenon that there are two or more cars in most families, especially in big families. So how to park these cars in limited home garage is a problem demanding prompt solution. Based on this need, stationary car scissor lift is engineered and manufactured.

Usually a family has only one home garage to park car and if more cars are bought, the garage won’t be enough to store them. Providing that you have a broad yard to park cars side by side, it will sacrifice a great space which is aimed for family entertainment or other activities. However, if parking these cars vertically in different levels, more aerial space will be applied and still only a garage is enough to contain them. Hydraulic stationary scissor lift for car is just the equipment that is used to park more cars for home garages or public buildings.

car lift

Stationary scissor car lift can be installed both in indoor and outdoor places, like basement and yard. And it can also be customized according to individual installing environment and application requirements, based on which, the loading capacity, platform size, lifting height as well as the self height of thcar lifte stationary car scissor lift can all be customized to accommodate a wide range of needs.

The car lift can be engineered with two or more stories in which every story can store a car. There is no need to pay extra money to buy more garages or space to park your cars, and you just need to invest for a stationary scissor lift for car to solve the problem.

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