Today 2 goods lift types are showed to you: the first one is freight elevator for goods transportation between multi-storied warehouses or other buildings. Another one is four post car lift used for lifting and parking cars.

1. Freight elevator with steel mesh enclosure

– This freight elevator is typically used to transport goods or pallets between floors of buildings.
– It features a mesh enclosure, and can easily be used indoors or outdoors in buildings, warehouses, or wherever you need it!
– It provides efficient, convenient, and safe access to mezzanines, basements, or any level of a multi-storied building.

freight elevator with steel mesh enclosure

2. Hydraulic four post car lift
– This hydraulic four-post car lift is equipped with a high-precision hydraulic transmission, which makes lifting smooth and easy.
– Safety is the top factor with this lift, with extremely strong chains and no carrying extension. The lifting chains are also doubled up, which makes lifting safe and reliable. Its safety and durability also give it a very long service life.
– To guarantee the platform level, this lift has adjustable screws, increasing the smoothness of the lift.

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