When conducting aerial jobs or dealing with goods from lower places to higher ones, people usually adopt different kinds of auxiliary equipment, such as scissor lift tables, goods lifts, and some other hydraulic lift platforms. Trailing articulated boom lift seems to be used more for industrial and outdoor work sites, for it’s considered to be larger in size and not flexible enough to be moved easily. Actually, such spider boom lift is also helpful for people’s work and lives and has its own special advantages that other lift equipment doesn’t possess.

Below gives 3 major advantages of trailing articulated boom lift:

  • 360° Rotary platform
  •  Powerful hydraulic outriggers
  •  Multiple power sources

1. 360° Rotary platform

Unlike other lift platforms that can only move vertically, the trailing boom lift platform can work with 360° rotation in the air. This feature endows workers with more possibilities and convenience in that they can implement a circle of aerial jobs without turning the boom lift body, and they just need to press the turning button to adjust the direction of the platform, saving time and troubles.
Trailing articulated boom lift

2. Powerful hydraulic outriggers

General lift equipment is not armed with outriggers, which leaves a risk that when the lift platform is elevated to over 10 meters, the lift body tends to be rocking. Towable articulated boom lift, aiming to provide safe and stable lifting height, is configured with four powerful outriggers to firmly support the lift arms and the platform. Extended areas of thrust surface effectively increased the steadiness and safety of aerial platforms and workers.
Powerful hydraulic outriggers

3. Multiple power sources

In addition to common optional AC (alternating current) power and DC (direct current) power, a towable boom lift can also be motored by diesel engines, overcoming the limitation of available power supplies and power failures, which is pretty suitable for outdoor work.
power motor
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