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MORN Vertical Aluminum mast lift is made up of high-grade aluminum profile and equipped with the universal wheels, beautiful structure, compact main body, light-weighted, safe and reliable; the control panels are available on the lift platforms and ground.

Widely used in Construction, transportation, power, communications, factories and highway toll station overhead installation maintenance, maintenance operations;

High-altitude decoration, cleaning and maintenance of schools, hotels, restaurants, buildings, squares and entertainment places;

Advertising, high-altitude decoration and installation of buildings;

Altitude shooting for movies, TV, video, etc.

mast lift

Our advantages:

  1. Using American advanced design structure, the product safety and structure are completely different from domestic products. The advanced level is much higher than that of domestic products in Suzhou/Jiyang area. Has a strong competitive advantage.
  2. Stronger legs and outrigger fixing method

The outriggers are made of aluminum alloy, which is stronger and durable than ordinary steel, and is not easy to rust.

The leg is inserted into the base to fix the device, the fixing method is more stable.

  1. Outrigger indicator

All four outriggers must be properly inserted into the sockets and locked, so that all the four indicator lights on the control panel will light up and the machine can be powered up and down. Resolutely put an end to safety accidents that occur because workers do not operate according to procedures or have a chance to use machines without inserting their legs

  1. Guide device between the columns (slider, guide wheel)

The PTFE slider is used between the columns. PTFE has a high self-lubricating property, which can avoid the wear between the aluminum alloy caused by long-term use, and the aluminum alloy and the slider are maintenance-free for life.

  1. Platform frame tilting device

A lighter and more beautiful aluminum alloy platform is used to reduce the weight of the platform frame, and the platform frame is designed to be down, which is safer

  1. Seals

American Parker/Japan NOK seals; excellent sealing effect and durable.

  1. Casters

American Keshun casters; made of high-grade polyurethane materials, with extremely high pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, and extremely low failure rate; the service life is more than 3 times that of domestic casters. There is almost no harm to the high-grade stone floor.

  1. Upright

The width of the column determines the degree of shaking of the platform after it is raised. MORN uses a 200mm high-strength aluminum alloy ultra-wide column to ensure that the operating table shakes less.

  1. Aluminum alloy profile

MORN uses 6005T5 high-strength aviation aluminum alloy, which is all supplied by large-scale national enterprises, and the quality is guaranteed. Qinhuangdao Bohai Aluminum and Tianjin Aluminum are both suppliers of MORN aluminum alloy profiles.

  1. Double button linkage

The concept of this design is: there are “up”, “down” and “public” keys on the control panel; when going up or down, the corresponding button and “public” key must be pressed to start up and down. Avoid accidents caused by workers accidentally touching or starting up and down due to misoperation of a single button. This device is a unique product modified by MORN based on many years of user surveys, which greatly improves the safety of high-altitude operations.

  1. Bottom car spare wheel (for single mast lifting platform machine)

There are two small wheels at the rear of the bottom car (a little higher position behind the big wheel), which is supported by the center big wheel as the center of gravity. When encountering a small slope, slightly tilt the body to carry it freely.


  1. The hydraulic oil shall be replaced after the product is put into use for 6 months, and the use times and the pollution degree of the hydraulic oil shall be replaced irregularly. When replacing the hydraulic oil, the inner wall of the oil tank should be thoroughly cleaned. No foreign matters such as metal particles, cotton yarn and fibers should enter the oil tank。
  2. The pollution of hydraulic oil must be strictly prevented. Water, acid, alkali and other impurities are not allowed in the oil fluid。
  3. In use, the tightness of the lifting arm drive chain group should be checked frequently. If the upper end of the lifting arm is found to be obviously uneven before lifting, or the chain is not elastic in the same group during lifting, the length of the chain should be adjusted timely. When adjusting, raise the working platform to a certain height, identify the lower end nut (M8×1) of the arm to be adjusted, adjust and check until it meets the requirements.

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