Regular inspections and maintenance on hydraulic wheelchair lift are of great importance to help optimize its work performance and prolong its service life. This article aims to describe some specific information and procedures about wheelchair lift maintenance to facilitate users’ operation and wipe out operation troubles.

1. Regular Cleaning

Clean wheelchair lift platform body with mild detergent regularly and dry it completely to protect the painted coatings. This is especially vital for the lift which is installed in outdoor areas of saline soil.

wheelchair lift

2. Daily Safety Check

  • Examine the overall condition of wheelchair lift by listening for any abnormal noises during its lifting and lowering process.
  • Make sure that the platform is stable in the normal travel speed, or else calibrate it immediately.
  • Verify that the control panel and cable connectors are both fixed tightly and in good condition.
  • Verify that whether all switches and buttons are all in good conditions.

control panel

3. 2-Week Safety Check

  • Verify that lift mounting brackets and hardware beneath the platform are not loose or damaged.
  • Inspect whether the electrical system (electrical wiring, power supply, connectors, etc) works well to ensure the lift’s safe and good performance.
  • Verify that all guardrail fasteners are tightened rightly.
  • Verify that the main lifting pivots are installed properly without damage.
  • Verify that the platform can move smoothly, free from obstruction and deviation.
  • Verify that the ramp deploys fully when lift platform stops on the ground and that the wheelchair people can enter or exit from platform evenly.

electrical system

4. Annually Safety Check

  • Add lubricating oil to the gear to keep smooth operation of wheelchair lift platform.
  • Inspect the hydraulic system and make sure there is no leakage of hydraulic oil.
  • Replace the hydraulic oil once in a year.

hydraulic cylinder

In addition to the above maintenance methods, we also provide user-friendly English manual in which wheelchair lift’s installation, operation and maintenance are detailed further. Please feel reassured as all our wheelchair lift products have 1-year warranty for whole machine and 10-year warranty for main structure except man-made faults. Free parts are also available if there are any natural parts replacements or breakdowns during warranty period.

We do take responsibility for every machine we sell. For more information about wheelchair lift for the disabled, please contact our 24-hour technical support team by email, telephone or other communications online.