What should hydraulic scissor lifting choose and buy pay attention to? Hydraulic scissor lift with safety, efficiency and so on is more and more sought after by the market, also promoted the development of hydraulic lifting platform industry, facing so many choices in the market, how to buy a good quality and suitable for their own needs of the hydraulic lift?

scissor lift in factory

  1. See the use and configuration of the hydraulic lifting platform

Different configurations can achieve different use effects. According to the surrounding environment and their own use requirements, customers can choose the appropriate lifting platform configuration to achieve better use effects.

  1. Look at their installation or work environment

due to the building of hydraulic lift platform is put aside layer height, the size of the object, the influence of such factors as contained in the conventional hydraulic lift platform model is sometimes not suitable for use requirement, can be used according to actual environment and the operation requirements, to rise, bearing capacity, and other customized processing production platform area, in order to obtain ideal use effect. Jinan the force on the hydraulic machinery provides the corresponding solutions.

3.Look at the operating environment of the hydraulic lifting platform

In meeting rooms, exhibition halls and other places that require less noise, imported pumping stations should be considered to reduce noise pollution and worry at home. Sometimes it is used outdoors without external power supply. In this way, battery or diesel engine can be considered as power. Battery can be considered for continuous use in low temperature environment, because the diesel engine is not easy to drive when the temperature is low.

4.Look at the frequency of hydraulic lifting platform

In the choose and buy hydraulic lifting platform, lifting platform manufacturers asked to use frequency, must truthfully answer, not to conceal the facts, so in the manufacture, the equipment for special treatment, so as not to frequent use, cause equipment damage.
Summary: Hydraulic lifting platform has a large and small, a variety of, the most expensive is not the best, choose and buy a suitable for their ability to play more outstanding in the later work.

Look around the hydraulic lifting platform, to see whether the manufacturer is fine, this is the most direct method, a good product cannot do without fine workmanship.

Observe whether the production skills of the factory staff are skilled. A company with many talents can also produce reliable products

Put on the power experiment, this is the best discrimination side, with the help of the manufacturer’s technical personnel, the performance of the hydraulic lifting platform to see if it can achieve the desired effect.

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Tips for scissor Lift:

First of all: the rise and fall jitter is serious, this is because the temperature is low, the hydraulic oil is thick, the equipment has just started to run, each part has not conducted a good preheating, therefore, at the beginning of use should be “warm up”, that is, the test machine, so there will be obvious effect.

Second: electrostatic phenomenon, static needless to say, super annoying, in winter can be said to be together in our daily life is also a very nasty, in the face of static electricity, is that the best way for aerial work wear anti-static overalls, discharge before premise for homework, to prevent static electricity generated in the process of homework cargo-lifts psychological panic.

Finally: the fuselage slippery, If there are ice, which should be noticed, because the hydraulic lifting platform in the operation, should open the leg, at this time, because in winter, the ground is easy to freeze, it is strictly prohibited to use the leg or tire in the friction small place, to prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

Summary: hydraulic lifting platform variety, to adapt to local conditions, according to their own use environment and the actual situation to judge which kind of elevator should be used, the most expensive is not the best, integrated manufacturers give advice, finally choose their own want.