Common exceptions and treatment methods of freight elevators

In modern construction, hydraulic freight elevators are widely used in every corner of life due to their stability, safety, and efficiency. Whether it’s painting walls or moving goods, it plays a very important role. However, sometimes the elevator is abnormal and affects our operations. The following elevator manufacturers summarize the common abnormalities of hydraulic elevators and their solutions:
1. Suddenly unable to freight elevators
Treatment method: Check whether the hydraulic oil pipeline is normal, whether there are foreign objects stuck in the running track, whether the hydraulic power unit is normal, and whether there is an air leak in the enclosed mailbox.

Suddenly the electronic control operation platform is out of control

Solution: Check whether the power supply is stable and whether the circuit is disconnected. If everything is checked, you should consider whether the built-in electrical accessories are damaged. It is recommended that engineers or maintenance personnel familiar with electrical appliances conduct inspections or replacements. It is recommended to perform repairs under power failure.

the freight elevators equipment work has a large shake

Treatment method: Check whether the support feet are unstable in movement and whether the support arm lacks lubricating oil.

The multi-cylinder scissor table tilts suddenly

Treatment method: Check whether the oil cylinder is normal, and whether the bracket is bent by external force. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully check whether the oil pipe is blocked by foreign matter, causing asynchrony.

With the development of industrialization, there will be more and more use of hydraulic elevators. Of course, the product performance of elevators will continue to improve with the advancement of science and technology, which is more in line with our high-altitude operations. If the above situation occurs when the lift is in use, please take reasonable measures to repair it in time. On the one hand, it guarantees the normal work of the machinery, on the other hand it also guarantees the safety of operation.

Precautions for hydraulic maintenance of freight elevators

While large-scale use and rapid progress, a series of technical and management problems have been exposed more and more. Some problems cannot be solved in time. Over time, the consequences are hidden dangers, dangers and accidents, which will give people lives. And property safety caused major losses, resulting in adverse social impact.

Lift manufacturers talk about the precautions for hydraulic maintenance of the lifting platform

All parts of hydraulic freight elevators are divided into permanent parts, durable parts and wearing parts according to their service life. For life-type ones, it is generally predictable. For example, aerial work platforms such as casings should be targeted based on inspection. service. According to the difficulty of replacement, it can be divided into complex and simple replaceable parts. Wearable parts should be replaced on the basis of inspection. Simple and replaceable general durable parts can be repaired regularly. According to its precision, it is divided into precision parts and general parts. If the failure rate is high and complex, components can be replaced and the maintenance method can be improved.

Errors in hydraulic maintenance can be divided into two categories, one is technical measures that cause errors in professional technical understanding, and the other is operation errors caused by maintenance personnel’s physiological and psychological characteristics, such as assembly errors.

In order to prevent mistakes, maintenance personnel should have high professional standards and a serious work attitude. Mistake prevention is a strategy in which operators must adopt technical and management means to integrate technical means and management means when using the lifting platform. Mistakes can be discovered and improved in time at all stages of hydraulic maintenance to avoid major mistakes.

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