Although loading dock ramp is a kind of steel structure equipment which is widely used to deal with goods, it do will suffer from extreme weather if not being well cared for. This article aims to describe some protective measures or precautions on taking care of your loading yard ramps.


Firstly, before you buy a loading dock ramp, try to figure out whether you will use it in bad weather, like rainstorm, blizzard, or hot-temperature weather. If so, please choose a higher quality yard ramp as much as possible. Its platform should be anti-skid with grid, which can prevent the forklift from sliding backward on the one hand, and on the other hand, leak the rain or snow out from the grid.

loading dock ramp

Then, test the tires of the loading dock ramp to ensure they can work well in extreme high temperature or frozen temperature. Whether you chose solid tires or common pneumatic tires, make sure from the loading dock ramp manufacturer that these tires can bear the large temperature difference. Also, they can stand against the soak of rain or water if working in low-lying areas where water is easy to store.

loading dock ramp tires

Last but not least, pay attention to protect the coating of the main structure of the container loading ramp. The major function of the coating is to protect the loading dock ramp from being rusted or corroded by rain or snow. Regular maintenance should be done to guarantee the whole coating is complete without tear and wear. Accumulated corrosion or rust will influence the efficiency and performance of the loading dock ramp.

loading dock ramp

To sum up, if you need your yard ramp to work in bad weather, you have to choose a high quality one, even with a little more money paid. For more information about loading dock ramp, welcome to contact us now.