What is China mobile scissor lift platform?

Under the clear clouds, meeting is a beautiful story; by the blue lake, meeting is a beautiful story. A mobile elevator is a piece of equipment that is produced and used as an auxiliary work mission. When it is used at work, it shoulders the mission of hard work, so that the work can reduce the effort invested, save labor and time, and do more meaningful Things.

Who is us?

MORN Group Limited, founded in 2002, is located in the Jinan city of the Shandong Province in China. It is one of the largest machinery manufacturers in China. MORN has devoted itself to the research, development, design, manufacture, sales, and service of CNC machines, hydraulic equipment, and parking systems.

Our company is a member of the China Association of Warehouses and Storage. With excellent facilities, advanced techniques, tremendous technology, and full-scale after-sales services, all of our products have passed the inspection of the Check Station of China Special Equipment and Manufacture License of Special Equipment of the People’s Republic of China. Our company has the 2000 Quality System Certification of ISO 9001, and passed the test of CE Quality Community.

What is mobile scissor lift

Mobile scissor lift are a generalization among the many types of lifts. It is also necessary to understand that in mobile lifts, it is roughly divided into mobile scissor lifts, fully self-propelled mobile lifts, auxiliary walking mobile lifts, aluminum alloy type Lifts, etc. are all in this rank.

As a manufacturer, there is both production and sales. There is also a need to explain to customers how to recognize one of the mobile elevators. As a mobile elevator, we must also understand.

mobile scissor lift

The main technical features of the mobile scissor lift

The main technical features of the mobile scissor lift platform: steel plate bending on the table, underframe and scissor structure, high-strength rectangular pipes made by Shangang; standard cold-formed grooves are used as rails, nylon sliders are used as guide wheels, with large contact surfaces, and lifting Stable, with little shaking; built-in explosion-proof valve in the hydraulic cylinder (to prevent the tubing from breaking and the platform from stalling and falling), using imported sealing ring, durable and not leaking; double-layer steel mesh high-pressure tubing; special hydraulic pump station for elevators, equipped with emergency down valve, The platform can be manually controlled to descend when the power is off. The built-in overflow valve can prevent the system pressure from being too high during the upward movement and play an overload protection function; pneumatic rubber tires; circuit electrical appliances, contactors are connected in a row, and thermal overload protection is installed, and phase loss protection Safety protection functions such as electric up and down electric control, the control button box is equipped with an emergency stop button to protect property and personal safety, and each operating part uses 24V safety control voltage; shaft pins are made of round steel and quenched and tempered; shot blasting , Sandblasting and rust removal treatment to remove rust and welding spatter on the surface of steel structural components, which can produce a certain degree of unevenness on the surface of steel components and increase powder adhesion; electrostatic powder spraying; excellent appearance quality of the coating, It has strong adhesion and mechanical strength, high color brightness, and durable color.

Many times I look back only for the love at first sight, and how many times the slight smile and smile are just the powerful laughter and story in my heart, and the liking for one thing or thing, or the care for it. Mobile elevators are produced and sold to customers, all because customers like them, choose the elevator that suits them.