What occasions is the lead rail type freight elevator suitable for?

Freight elevator supplier from China. What type of freight elevator suit for you and which type should choose, here we have compares and commendations for you.

The lead rail type freight elevator adopts a track chain structure. It is a non-scissor-type lift. In recent years, the lead rail type elevator has been recognized by the majority of users for its unique advantages. But under what circumstances is it more convenient and more cost-effective to choose a lead rail type elevator , today we introduce the scope of application of the guide rail elevator.

The lifting height of the guide lead rail type elevator ranges from 4 meters to 20 meters, and the load is unlimited from 1 ton to 10 tons. When the elevation is less than 5 meters, the scissor lift is cheaper than the lead rail type freight elevator. Generally, when the elevation is more than 6 meters, the lead rail type elevator can be mainly considered. It is not inferior to the scissor-type in terms of lifting stability and ease of operation. lift.

Rail-type lifting freight elevator does not require hoist way and machine room, simple and convenient installation, large load capacity, stable lifting, low failure rate, strong safety, and low cost. It is an ideal equipment to replace freight elevators.

Rail-type lift freight elevators are much lower in cost than freight elevators, and have very low civil construction requirements. They are especially suitable for installation in workshops and other places, and can be installed in or outside of workshops.

Rail-type elevator freight elevator adopts advanced hydraulic system, which is the same as hydraulic elevator system. Compared with electric hoist freight elevator or hoist type freight elevator, it has multiple protections of hydraulic oil cylinder, special heavy-duty chain and steel wire rope to ensure the safety of equipment operation and use.

The safety is extremely strong. ,lead rail type lift freight elevators can pass the inspection of the national quality inspection department, while electric hoist freight elevators or hoist-type freight elevators are strictly prohibited from being used as freight elevators in the country. Once found, immediately investigate and remove them.