How to choose a mobile scissor lift with good quality

The manual mobile scissor lift is a special equipment for aerial work operations with a wide range of uses in station, production, decoration, engineering safety and many other large range of aerial work. The most important consideration for the products used at high aerial is the quality of the machine and the safety of the workers work on it. We would like to share more about these in this article.

Mobile scissor lift with safety and convenient design

The mobile scissor lift, also called mobile service unit scissor lift, is a special equipment for high place operations. The scissor structure is made of high-strength and high-quality manganese steel rectangular pipe, which is not easy to deform and suddenly break during use, so that the lifting platform has higher stability and safety during the up and down process, and the manganese steel material has a long service life and durable, which will save the cost of product replacement.

The mobile scissor lift is equipped with a non-slip insulating plastic gusset, which is easy to replace and the overall design is beautiful and generous. The standard lifting power is electric AC power. It can be started by 220V and 380V power supply, whether it is used in home or industrial places, it is convenient to connect to the power supply. We can also customize local special voltages such as 110V, 415V, etc. according to customer special requirements. If it is not convenient to connect to the power supply when using outdoors, the lift can also be started with battery to provide power. It is suitable for various working conditions indoors and outdoors.

The product is moved by external force and can be moved and operated in different working environments. There are forklift holes on the scissor lift, and forklifts can be used to move the lift to other positions. If you need to move it within a short distance, 2-3 people can also push the machine to move. The machine can also be equipped with an battery powered moving device, and one person can easily move the machine.

There are two control modes of mobile scissor lift: ground control mode and table control mode, simple operation. Both control methods are equipped with emergency stop devices. If there is an emergency, you can press the emergency stop button and the machine will stop moving up and down.

The lower right side of the mobile scissor chassis is equipped with power-off emergency lowering and anti-falling self-locking functions. When there is a sudden power failure during use and there is no power supply, the platform can be lowered through the emergency lowering device to ensure the safety of the staff. If an accident occurs during use, the machine can lock the platform to prevent it from falling.

mobile scissor lift

The mobile scissor lift is with flexible movement, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, safe and reliable, convenient and fast conditions. This product can produce elevators of different models and specifications according to the different operating requirements of users, and can complete the operating requirements between 4-18m and 300-2000kg. Customers can choose different machine models according to their needs, and can use a lifting platform instead of scaffolding to reach the height you need, and easily complete all kinds of high-altitude operations. At the same time, it can also save your expenses and precious time.

If you want to know more about the mobile scissor lifts from us, we’re always here. Simply let us know your access requirements and we’ll advise on the right scissor lifts based on your needs.