The hydraulic rail cargo elevator can be raised from the ground to any position quickly, effectively, and safely.

We lead the market with electric and hydraulic system technology, installed in each of our cargo elevators for quick and simple lifting, as well as machine guide rails. The freight elevator is relatively safe and durable. The freight elevator rises and falls vertically. No training is required to use the control of the machine: we make the operation process simple and clearly marked with the buttons “up”, “down” and “emergency stop” buttons.

The special feature of freight elevators is their extremely low maintenance rate and seldom breaks down during normal use. The model requires very little maintenance compared to competitors, which means that the unit cost of investment in these freight elevators will be largely limited. More importantly, our elevators have a service life of more than 15 years.

The self-transportation system means that workers are completely self-sufficient, so labor costs and time costs are reduced. In addition, we want to give our users the flexibility needed to solve a single project, so each of our freight elevators can be customized to increase the carrying capacity, platform size, height, and so on.

Our freight elevator is the perfect solution for transporting heavy goods. The cargo elevator can be used for indoor or outdoor installation and maintenance, on various websites. The same can also be installed in hotels and magnificent halls in stadiums, factories, workshops, and warehouses.

Manned operation is strictly prohibited.

The cargo elevator is mainly used for lifting cargo, goods, so please do not have people stand on the lift.

  1. Overload operation is strictly prohibited.

Please confirm the load capacity of this lift before production. It will be very dangerous if overload when the lift is working.

  1. The freight lift should be evenly placed when transporting goods, and not partial load to ensure the smooth operation of the lifting platform.

The size of the platform is confirmed before production, please confirm to put the goods evenly on the cargo lift/ freight lift, then to guarantee smooth work. Otherwise, the lift maybe will not work very stable.

  1. When the manual hydraulic forklift lifts with goods on this freight lift, the fork arm of the forklift should be lowered to the lowest level and the handlebar should be twisted to prevent the forklift from moving when the platform is lifted.

Please notice all operation rules of every part when you use this fright lift to lift cargo or car.

5.Confirmed all doors of the lift are closed before lifting operations. It is strictly forbidden to use other methods to press down the sensing device.

In general, our lift will be equipped with the electromagnetic lock on the platform. The lift will work well when you closed all doors. Once you open the doors accidentally when the freight lift is working, the lift will stop immediately, this is a very necessary safety part for the lift to guarantee safety.