In the past few days, many customers have asked MORN whether it is better to install a guide rail cargo lift or freight elevator? Many people do not know much about it. Here let me briefly introduce it to you.

Guiderail Cargo Lift

also known as “lifting freight elevator” and “simple freight elevator”. The oil pump is driven by the motor, and the heavy-duty chain driven by the oil cylinder drives the hydraulic lifting freight elevator platform up and down. Because hydraulic pressure is used as the lifting power, it has the characteristics of large load capacity and stable lifting. It is widely used The goods are transported vertically between high-rise buildings. It has strong safety, large load capacity, and basically no requirement for civil construction. It is an economical and practical cargo transportation equipment that replaces elevators. It is allowed to be used at home. Now installation does not require inspection.

warehouse cargo lift

Freight Elevator

It is mainly used to transport goods and is accompanied by people. The freight elevator car has the characteristics of long and narrow. A vertical elevator powered by an electric motor is equipped with a box-shaped pod. Fixed lifting equipment serving the specified floors. It has a car that runs between at least two rows of vertical rigid guide rails. For simple workshops that do not meet the installation conditions, the cost is high, and the civil engineering requirements are high, inspections and annual inspections are required, which are suitable for high-end factories. If you need to install freight elevators, you need to design wells and machine rooms in advance.

cargo lift application

Guiderail Cargo Lift Advantage

  1. Large load capacity, the realization of multi-point control, the interactive interlocking of upper and lower floors;
  2. The lifting height is high, and the side-mounted oil cylinder is selected, which has long service life and long product life;
  3. No computer room on the top floor, only 4 squares of space on the bottom floor can be solved;
  4. Manual lowering and emergency stop button in case of power failure, convenient, fast, and practical;
  5. Can be customized according to the site environment, reasonable price, economical and practical;
  6. The floor door can be penetrated, and the workshop can be opposite each other, which is convenient and saves space;
  7. It can be installed indoors and outdoors, and it can be attached with a derrick under special circumstances, without foundation;
  8. Especially suitable for a 2-3 storey steel structure workshop.

How To Get a Quote of Guiderail Cargo Lift from MORN?

We need to know the travel height, platform size, and load capacity that you need then could make design according to the customer’s requirements. If any more information about the installation site such as site pictures or building blueprint, that would be the best. If you are in need of a cargo lift, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always here for you~