When choosing a stationary scissor lift, you should firstly think about its application in real world goods handling jobs. Industrial lift tables are used for a wide variety of applications, including, but not limited to the following: loading and unloading, palletizing, machining, transferring between two conveyor elevations, maintaining an ergonomic work height, and so on. These applications will help you select an useful lift equipment for your business.

stationary scissor lift

Below are some valuable application questions that may drive the selection of your industrial hydraulic lift table:

1. What is the weight of the product?

Loading capacity is oscissor lift load capacityne of the most important elements that decide the basic specifications of a lift table. From several kilograms to tons of materials, we can customize the loading capacity of the lift to your requests. Do not overload in any one job, otherwise safety hazards index will rise.


2. How will the lift table be loaded?

If you plan to load via a forklift, a standard lift table can be selected. However, if a pallet truck or other floor level loading is required, a ground entry table, or pit-mounted table must be used, which will increase cost and complexity due to design requirements and safety compliance.

3. Will the lift table be used in extreme work environment?

The hydraulic oil in cylinders only works well in normal temperature. If used in extreme hot or cold environment, special hydraulic fluids and other design considerations will be required to adapt to the job.

4. Does the application require food grade considerations?

If you buy a scissor lift table for food production line use, often times this will dictate stainless steel construction and special food grade hydraulic fluids. Some pharmaceutical applications also require this.

stationary scissor lift

5. Does the lift need to precisely stop at different elevations?

Often times this is accomplished through the addition of a limit switch which can control the lift table to stop at any designated floor level. Our customized lifting solutions can offer precision design and lifting performance for your work.

6. Will the lift table be installed in a pit?

If so, additional options such as bellows guarding, toe guards and lifting eyes may be required. It’s also important to take into consideration the size and depth of the pit when selecting the https://www.mornlift.com/scissor-lift/scissor lift table.

hydraulic scissor lift table

7. What power is available?

Lift tables can be supplied to accept 120, 230 or 460 volt feeder power. Other voltages such as DC may require a transformer. We can manufacture the lift table according to your local voltage.

8. Does the application require explosion proof controls?

Explosion proexplosion proof controlof control is an vital safety device designed for emergency. More and more of these requirements are being requested by lift buyers.


9. Will workers be positioned on the lift table?

It is common for workers to utilize lift tables to gain access to equipment. It’s important that key safety features such as handrails and gates be included.

As a professional scissor lift manufacturer in China, we have accumulated 18 years manufacturing experience and 10 years exporting experience. We are specialized in providing both standard and custom lift equipment models for a wide range of industries and work sites. If you have any material scissor lift or man lift questions, please contact us to get a tailored solution!