Goods handling in modern warehouses and factories has been markedly improved with scissor lift platform offering cost-effective and convenient help for manufacturing, assembling and packaging lines.

Traditional goods handling workers spent much time and labor in repetitive work: bending over to carry goods or parts from lower place to higher worktables, or from a workcell to another. And they were likely to get back injuries from long-term work and therefore influencing the efficiency of whole production lines or assembling lines.

scissor lift table

Introduction and application of hydraulic scissor lift platforms released workers and more importantly increased work efficiency to a large extent. They can be customized in a wide range of loading capacities, platform sizes and travel heights to cater to both small and large scale goods handling work. Controls can be simply up and down, or multiple motions with different function buttons.

As an experienced scissor lift manufacturer and exporter, usually our design and manufacturing are made to orders, due to each set of scissor lift has individual size and parameter details based on customers’ work requirements and installation sites. Especially heavy duty units have to be built by customization. But we also have modular parts and components for easy and quick replacement.

MORN LIFT stationary scissor lift

Scissor cargo lifts can be classified into mobile scissor lift and scissor lift by mobility and stability. Real application and convenience decide which type should be chosen. Mobile scissor lift seems more popular as they can accommodate flexible production lines, but the tradeoff is collapsible height. Users or workers have to be more careful to load goods in a balanced way without off-center goods positioning. Otherwise, it will be less stable than a stationary scissor lift.

In addition, mobile scissor lifts should be installed steadily by aid of strong base frame and load-bearing wheels. While stationary scissor lifts are more suitable to be built in standard and fixed production lines where loads are transported vertically only. So when you plan to introduce scissor lifts to your business, do make certain what kind of help your work needs.

mobile scissor lift platform

Do not worry if you are not professional on scissor lifts platform, we can provide you bespoke lifting solutions for a wealth of requirements. Our skilled engineer designers and technical service team will match your needs with our decades of manufacturing and service experience.