MORN LIFT had the recent opportunity to work with an Argentinian customer who came to us with the need for a wheelchair lift to create a smooth access for his two-story house. He required the lift is customized to suit his building structure and the solution needed to be timely. He did not wish to purely install a steel lift equipment, but wanted to specially design a safe and nice lifter for his 5-year-old little daughter; this is where MORN LIFT was able to supply our proven lifting solution and reputable service.


This customer runs a carpet and flooring business in the capital city Buenos Aires. His business is promising and he also runs a happy family with his beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. When he came to us for the home elevator platform, there would be three months before his little daughter’s sixth birthday. The lift must be an impressive birthday gift to the little girl who had suffered from inconvenient mobility at home. This little young girl is unlucky to have congenital leg disability, but she is also lucky to have an optimistic father who is bound to make a comfortable life for the whole family.

MORN LIFT Worked with Argentinian Customer to Build a Custom Wheelchair Lift Platform 1

Wheelchair lift design process:

On knowing his purchasing demand, we collected some detailed information about on-site installation and application. He need the lift to be elevated up and down between the ground floor and the first floor, which is 4.2m high. And as the lift will be installed aside the stairway indoors, the platform size of the lift should match with the dimension of vertical installing space. Besides, the entrance/exit access should also customized in a safe and easy way.

From the on-site pictures and measuring data, our engineers firstly designed a 3D drawing based on real installing site and then sent it to the customer. He was very satisfied with the design! Now the hydraulic home lift designed for this Argentinian customer is being manufactured in our factory production line, and will be delivered in half a month. The little girl will receive the gift soon.

platform control panel of wheelchair lift

MORN LIFT has earned a solid reputation from working with customer throughout the world. Delivering quality engineered lift products, portable & safe equipment loading and custom solutions that meet our users’ demands to improve efficiency is our permanent mission. We look forward to working with each of you who wants a reliable and economical lifting solution.