Aerial lifts are essential equipment for many different industries. Also called cherry pickers, boom lifts, bucket lifts, vertical lifts, man lifts, they enable personnel to safely work at heights, whether that’s the roof of a building or the top of a utility pool.

Aerial work platforms, or AWPs, are not specific to one particular industry or job. For instance, manufacturing companies use aerial lifts to reach overhead components, as well as to reach behind large pieces of equipment. General contractors use lifts to reach high areas when making repairs, and construction companies identify aerial lifts as one of the most critical pieces of equipment in their fleet. Rescue crews use aerial lifts to reach buildings, and contractors use them for indoor and outdoor applications. In essence, aerial lifts provide reliable access for a range of industries and purposes.

Plants, venues and construction sites

applications of aerial lifts

Application characteristics: There is a lot of aerial work in building construction, and traditional aerial work equipment such as scaffolding, derrick, gantry, etc. have poor safety, a large amount of construction materials, and long time consumption. The aerial work platform has become an ideal substitute for scaffolding by virtue of excellent safety guarantee and excellent work efficiency. It promotes the mechanization of construction and greatly reduces the labor intensity of aerial work during construction.

Equipment installation in complex environments

applications of aerial lifts

Application characteristics: Under some special construction conditions, the aerial work platform is the best choice to meet the construction requirements. If a high-altitude operation platform is used to install the glass curtain wall, it not only shortens the construction period, but also eliminates the safety hazards existing in the traditional high-altitude operation method.

In addition, due to the matching use of various types of aerial work platforms and the modification of some platforms, the installation problem of curtain walls that are not easily accessible is solved.

Pipeline installation

applications of aerial lifts3

Application characteristics: There are a lot of indoor high-altitude operations in the installation of fire-fighting pipelines, and there are many operation points and complex operation spaces. The requirements for flexibility greatly exceed traditional operation methods. The high-altitude operation platform realizes variable work stations and height adjustment, and at the same time can carry materials and construction equipment to the operation point, which greatly reduces the construction difficulty and improves the safety and efficiency of installation operations.

Decoration, cleaning and maintenance of building walls

mobile scissor lift application

Application characteristics: The decoration, cleaning and maintenance of the external wall surface of the building require temporary high-altitude reachability, similar to the installation of outdoor billboards, the layout of large exhibition halls or stadiums, infrastructure maintenance, station and subway Indoor maintenance, etc.

In these applications, large-scale fixed scaffolding is completely inappropriate in terms of cost and time. On the other hand, although the commonly used gondola equipment can meet the usage requirements in some cases, its safety and mobility are much inferior to aerial work platforms, especially for the large operating range and wide operating area.

Equipment without mobility will greatly reduce work efficiency, while the self-propelled aerial work platform can move to achieve multiple operations while maintaining an elevated state.

The convenience and efficiency improvement it brings is unmatched by other equipment

Manufacturing and maintenance of large equipment

applications of aerial lifts

Application characteristics: Large equipment such as ships and aircrafts require flexible operating heights and positions during manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. The aerial work platform is naturally the first choice for these occasions. Especially in shipbuilding and repair plants, not only the outstanding air reach capability is required, but also often heavier tool equipment and operators are required to arrive at the working position together, so choosing a suitable self-propelled aerial work platform has become an improvement in engineering efficiency Important means.

Among the aerial work platforms used in these places, the demand for self-propelled telescopic and articulated aerial work platforms is dominated. This type of product not only has good load-carrying capacity but also can be extended through a telescopic and articulated arm structure. It can cross a certain obstacle and achieve the effect of one point of lifting and multi-point operation, which greatly facilitates large equipment such as ships manufacturing and maintenance work.

Supermarket and warehouse logistics

Applications of Aerial Lifts 1

Application characteristics: With the development of modern large supermarkets, warehouses, and logistics centers, the multi-layer stacking and storage of goods are increasingly inseparable from the use of self-propelled aerial work platforms. Although the traditional forklift can also complete certain auxiliary work, it has great deficiencies in terms of safety and ease of use, especially when it requires staff to reach a high place to complete the corresponding operation of the cargo, the aerial work platform is even more necessary.

Among them, mast and gantry self-propelled aerial work platforms are the most widely used. They have the advantages of small size, lightweight, smooth lifting, safe and reliable, and so on. It can complete the high-level lifting operation in a small space. With the ability to move in the elevated state, and through the intelligent control system, all operations can be completed independently by one person, which greatly improves the efficiency of warehousing and logistics work and reduces the labor intensity.

In addition to these typical applications, aerial work platforms are also widely used in ports, docks, airports, power, communications, gardens, and other departments.

Moreover, in recent years, the construction scope of engineering construction has become larger and larger, the working conditions have become more and more complicated, and the demand for customized products has become stronger and stronger. Therefore, the aerial work platform will have a wider development space.

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