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Hydraulic car lift

The car lifting platform is a special lifting equipment for transporting cars, which can lift cars or heavy objects to the required height, effectively saving the space of the lane (channel). It is mainly used in the vertical transportation of vehicles in various environments such as two-story or three-story auto repair shops, three-dimensional parking lots, car 4S shops, etc., especially for low-rise buildings. The automobile lifting platform has wide adaptability, safe and stable lifting, fine workmanship, and convenient installation and maintenance. It is an ideal vertical conveying equipment for automobiles.

  1. Product features:

★ The lifting height and table size of the car lifting platform are completely customized according to customer requirements.

★ Adopting high-compact drive hydraulic system, stable lifting and setting anti-overload safety protection device.

★ Adopt double safety device, safe and reliable, novel design, sturdy and durable, strong carrying capacity and so on. .

★ The structure of the car lifting platform is sturdy, the four pivots run synchronously, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.

★ The car lifting platform can be used indoors and outdoors, no foundation pit is needed, and installation is fast.

Car elevators shared by people and cars:

The load is fully loaded and unloaded, the load of the elevator increases and decreases sharply, and the force of the car is uneven. This is very different from the way that ordinary freight elevators gradually load or unload the load. The structure design of car elevator should be able to adapt to this characteristic;

There are two control button boxes in the car, the driver can operate the elevator without getting out of the car; the rated load is more than 3 tons, the car area is large enough to carry various small cars; the setting of front and back through doors makes it easy for cars to enter and exit elevator;

It has a car suitable for carrying cars. The car is the only element that distinguishes the car elevator from other elevators specified in the definition of car elevator, which determines that the internal dimensions of the car elevator should be compatible with the shape of the passenger car. According to the new definition standards for economical cars and the “Code for Design of Garages”, the external dimensions and weights of various passenger car design models are determined. Therefore, the car elevator car size should also be determined.

four post car lift application

The first type: four-post car lift platform, also called floor lift, the principle is similar to the four-post lift used for car maintenance, the load capacity is large, and the maximum can reach 8 tons; no car design, customized according to the size, using front and rear through With a wide field of vision; each floor is designed with a switch, which adopts the hand-off and stop control mode to ensure safety and prevent danger; in terms of power, the hydraulic chain transmission mode, the oil cylinder drives the chain lifting platform, runs smoothly, and the lifting speed is slightly slower and safe High coefficient;

Cars are transported separately and cannot be used to carry people. They are generally customized according to customer needs, but still have to meet the minimum size requirements. After determining the size of the site, feedback to the factory to start production customization. After completion, the factory’s after-sales installer will install it on site. guide;

The price is extremely high, the price is significantly lower than the car elevator, it is economical and applicable, with a small amount of investment, to achieve the purpose of lifting the car upstairs, suitable for 4S shops, maintenance plants, car sales companies, homes and other places.

carlift platform application

The second type: scissor-type automobile lifting platform, that is, fixed scissor-type lifting platform, generally used in places where the height is low, the site space is small, and it is not suitable for installing the four-post automobile lifting platform.

The third type: rail type car lifting platform, the structure is similar to the rail type lifting freight elevator, the structure of four rails and four cylinders or eight rails and two cylinders can be selected.

The selection of the car lifting platform depends on the customer’s site conditions and the specific needs of the customer.