what is a trailer boom lift

The Trailer Boom Lift is specifically engineered for those tricky, high-up, hard-to-squeeze-into jobs.

They’re space-efficient, both when in use and folded up for storage, as it’s able to move around in narrow spaces easily, and be folded up for compact


Mainly used for outdoor high-altitude operations. The folding arm has a compact structure and adopts a new type of steel. High strength, lightweight, fast erection speed, automatic hydraulic outriggers, simple manual or towed operation, easy to use, wide working area, work can be raised and extended horizontally and can be rotated, easy to reach across obstacles work location. It can also be started by AC power, which is ideal equipment for modern climbing operations. This series of elevators are widely used in large-scale operations in municipalities, electricity, street lights, highways, docks, advertising, factories and mines.

Advantage of MORN trailer boom lift

1.Turntable system: Turnable platform with big load capacity. And slewing bearing adopts fence-mounted(could be rotated 360°).

Function: Guarantee the boom lift stability during rotation, waterproof, and dustproof.IP65

We used is big, strong, and durable turntable system.

2.Outriggers legs (It’s hydraulic and automatic)

Guarantee the towable boom lift and worker safety during working.

3.The level of control

Balance valve: Boom lift with a balance valve imported from Italy.

MORN Level gauge is auto, it could auto test if four sets of outriggers are not on the same level, if not at the same level, the lift will stop work.(when the light is red, do not to work; the light is green, the lift can start to work)


Double brake system

It is imported from Italy with two kinds of brake system:1.One brake on the trailing system 2. The boom lift could connect the truck brake light, if the truck brake light working, the boom lift will be brake automatically.

5.Balance valve: Boom lift with a balance valve imported from Italy.

Function: 1.If the hydraulic pipe ruptures, the balance valve will prevent oil overflow and prevent the lift platform from suddenly. 2.In case of emergency, we could down the platform by balance valve.

6.Overflow valve, adjust the speed valve and solenoid valve:

Function: Overflow valve: If the overload, overflow valve open, boom lift stop work

Adjust speed valve: Every boom will adjust the speed.

7.Emergency lowering system on each boom cylinder. If the hydraulic oil pipe cut off, the platform will not down. Pull this value will lower the platform manually. Which is better to protect the platform user’s safety.

8.Lift valve is used to adjust the balance of the lift platform

9.Hydraulic pipe and hydraulic lock valve on the cylinder: All the Morn hydraulic pipe use S shape hydraulic oil pipe. It is special for the construction machine. Hydraulic lock value on the cylinder which could lock oil when machine working. Its function is to prevent hydraulic oil backflow when the oil pipe accidental breaks. Better protect the user’s safety.


Two platform controller,It’s convenient for people to operate the towable boom lift.

11.Boom lock: fixed folding boom

Platform panels are installed and equal to the remote controller, you can control towable boom lift on the ground and work platform.

12.Emergency stop

The boom lift will be stopped in case of any emergency


Lift power

Lift power of towable boom lift could be electric,battery,diesel and petrol engine,or double power(such as petrol engine and electric.If the electric cut off,we could use the petrol engine for working)