The wide application of cargo elevators brings convenience to production

Hydraulic cargo elevators are high-altitude transportation equipment. Due to the rapid pace of domestic industrialization development, people are more efficient and more efficient. The emergence of hydraulic cargo elevators can transport goods weighing more than ten tons in just a few minutes. It is easy to deliver to the work place inside, suitable for the transportation of goods between different floors. Below, Jinan sinicmech machinery co.,ltd will explain in detail what are the good news of the hydraulic freight elevator for high-altitude transportation?

cargo lift brings convenience to production

The production of hydraulic cargo elevator:

With the continuous expansion of hydraulic lift equipment in people’s lives, the cargo elevator solves the problem that the original single-fixed scissor lift can no longer meet the needs of many customers. Sometimes it is necessary to install in a small space to achieve higher height cargo transportation; sometimes It requires the promotion of large tonnage items, and the working frequency of simultaneous use is high. There is a fashion elevator, but the machine room is not reserved, and the cost is scary. To solve these problems, cargo elevators were created.

The application of cargo elevator

Cargo elevators are mainly used in mass production lines and food transportation, processing, warehouses, paper making, manufacturing and other industries. They can be used as delivery elevators, conveying goods, stable lifting, safe and reliable, economical and practical. Cargo elevator is a kind of lifting equipment with very good stability, and it is the main cargo lifting equipment. Cargo elevator is suitable for the transportation of goods between the height difference of the production line; the material is online and offline; the height of the work piece is adjusted when the work piece is processed and produced, and the feeder is fed at a height; the parts are raised and lowered when the large equipment is assembled; and the large machine tool is loaded and unloaded; Warehouse loading and unloading sites are matched with forklifts and other handling vehicles for fast loading and unloading of goods, etc.

MORN cargo elevators, especially the elevator equipment, have reliable safety and stability, specifically in the following aspects:

①Our product is equipped with the safety device of the traditional traction cargo elevator, which is necessary. At the same time, it also installs an overflow valve to prevent upward
System pressure is too high during exercise.
②In addition to the overflow valve, our products also have an emergency manual valve. This valve can ensure that the car can respond when the power fails.
After dropping to the nearest floor to open the door, the rabbit went to many safety hazards.
③There are emergency manual valves and emergency manual pumps, the role of the pump is to ensure that when the system fails, the manual pump can be operated to pump high-pressure oil to make the car rise to the nearest floor.
④When the wave pressure system pipeline ruptures and the car stalls and drops, it can automatically cut off the oil circuit to stop the descent. This is the pipeline rupture owned by our product.
⑤In addition, it can also protect the oil temperature of the mailbox. This is when the oil temperature in the fuel tank exceeds the standard set value, the oil temperature protection device generates a signal.
⑥ suspend the use of the elevator, and start the elevator only when the oil temperature drops.
Lift equipment is a kind of mechanical product with a certain degree of danger.
If the operation is improper, it is easy to cause accidents and accidents, which can cause casualties in serious cases. Please must be careful