Wheelchair lifts for home use and public sites applications from MORN LIFT can be installed both in indoor or outdoor places. Our skilled teams designed wheelchair lift to last, engineered it to perform, and delivered to efficiency. Our single manufacturing focus is to deliver superiorly designed home elevator products that provide customers with years of trouble-free, dependable installation and operation experience.

Installing a wheelchair lift or multiple lifts is an important step in making your home accessible, whether you just purchased a home that needs to be retrofitted or someone in your family has recently started using a wheelchair. Wheelchair lifts are commonly installed near the front entrance of the home to work around obstacles such as steps, and on staircases to provide the wheelchair user access to multiple floors.

lift installation

As to how to install home wheelchair lift for customers who are not professionals, we here list some instructions for your reference. For safety reasons, installing the lift by yourself is strongly discouraged. Improper installation can lead to accidents and serious injury. For some countries, there are also local and national codes that dictate how and where a lift can be installed, and some of those codes require that the lift be installed by a licensed and trained technician. Installing the lift yourself to save money is not worth the risk of injury or serious code violations. Hence we recommended you to have a technical installation team handle the task.

1. Easy-to-Installation Design

Our wheelchair lift compact design reduced redundant parts and all devices are incorporated in the straight back column and platform space. There is a hoisting device on both left and right sides to be hoisted by crane for installation.

hoisting device of wheelchair lift

Accessories like triangle connection parts, bolts & screws are used to fix the straight back column tightly onto the wall and the ground.

2. Pre-Installation in the Factory

Once the wheelchair lift elevator is manufactured well in our factory, we would pre-install it for trial running and quality test, during which the equipment will be adjusted to the optimum work performance according to user’s need.

home elevator for the disabled

Then after all specification details are confirmed, the whole machine will be packaged without disassembly. Yes, it will be wrapped up with EPE foam and stretch films to prevent moisture, collision and corrosion. And it will be loaded into a formfitting wooden box that will be shipped by container.

wheelchair lift packaging

3. Stand the Wheelchair lift Up and Fix It

When you receive the goods, open the packaged wooden box and hoist the machine into the installation site by crane or truck. Lean it against the wall and fix the triangle connection devices by bolts to ensure the hydraulic wheelchair lift stand firmly by gripping the wall and ground.

wheelchair lift installation

But do heed the safety of installers and do not damage the surrounding buildings when transferring and installing the equipment.

That’s it! Our design, manufacture and delivery all try to save our customer’s time and cost paid for installation, and provide cost-effective convenience and safety for each user.

For more information on our vertical home lift or other lifting equipment, please leave your message below or write to [email protected].