In this technological age, ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliments that home elevator is very much in demand in multi-storied buildings. It provides convenient moving solutions and easier life styles for users.

Indoor or outdoor installed home elevator can be operated easily by people with limited mobility: choose the floor number (Up or Down button) on the column switch (platform control panel), enter the platform, and move upward or downward to the destination. Remote controller can also be used to control the home lift within 10m.

platform control panel of wheelchair lift

Safety is another key point home elevator manufacturer and user both value. As a responsible and professional manufacturer, our home elevator is configured with automatic self rising-lowering ramp, anti-skid platform, safety sensor and emergency decline valve. These devices are designed from safety considerations and comfortable user experience.

If you deem that such home elevator is only used for the disabled people, then it will be limited to the definition of “wheelchair lift” which is the most basic application of home elevator. To know better about the application of hydraulic home elevator, here 4 functions of the equipment are listed.

1. For the wheelchair people:

Wheelchair people who live in multi-storied buildings now have a more independent life by overcoming the barrier of stairs with the help of wheelchair lift for the disabled. They will never just sit around at home to kill time day by day. Enjoying life and public resources like common people do is a possible for them.

home elevator for the disabled

2. For the elderly people:

Climbing stairs is a tired and time-wasting job for the elderly people. Installing a home elevator for them will facilitate their life and outside activities. The home elevator is suitable to be installed in both new buildings and existing residences, of which we can provide customized installation solution for you.

3. For baby stroller:

Supposing that a mother put her toddler in the stroller to walk each morning or go shopping, she can take the vertical home elevator rather than holding the baby and stroller laboriously. So home elevator is a good helper of mothers.

4. For carrying loads:

Home elevator also offers a labor-saving way for people to carry loads or groceries to higher floors, improving life style and quality. But users should note that the safe loading capacity of the lift is usually 250kg which cannot be exceeded, lest emergency or danger happens.

If you are planning to choose an affordable home lift for your families, we are willing to provide detailed parameter recommendations and installation information as per your building structure.