In Nanjing Metro Line 1, China, citizens who often take the metro can easily find there are also vertical elevators and wheelchair lifts on the platforms in addition to escalators. Wheelchair lifts are installed with the purpose of helping the disabled people take the metro smoothly.


With the expansion of metro facilities and increase of passengers, barrier free equipment is used widely to facilitate those people who have limited mobility or special emergencies. It’s known that during the design stage of Nanjing Metro Line 1, wheelchair lift platform had been planned to be installed in the places where vertical elevators failed to be installed to help the disabled people overcome the obstacles of stairs. Nanjing citizens all applaud for this and especially the disabled people feel grateful for this welfare.

At present, the wheelchair lift in Nanjing Metro Line 1 has been serving as an auxiliary equipment for more than 10 years, during which countless people had easy access to the metro without being stopped by the stairs. And last year, the metro authority designated professional technicians to implement comprehensive inspection and fault analysis on the wheelchair lifts. According to the final analysis result, they decided to reform and update all the wheelchair lifts in the Metro Line 1 to ensure the normal work performance of the equipment and smooth travel of the disabled people.

wheelchair lift platform

At the same time, the metro authority also reminded the citizens that wheelchair people had to turn to station staff via an available videophone for operating the wheelchair lift. People are not recommended to operate the wheelchair lift on their own in case of accidents and injuries caused from improper operation, and the staff will offer help to guarantee the safe operation and application of the wheelchair lift. Hence the wheelchair lift for the disabled really brings safe convenience and easy access for the disabled.

Wheelchair lift can be also installed in many places where stairs deter the way of the disabled, such as personal homes, museums, libraries, theaters and more. Further information about wheelchair lift equipment is provided on the linked website, and custom lift solutions will be offered for individual need.