A mezzanine goods lift is an useful helper for multi-storied buildings where goods are gathered and transferred frequently. Installing a mezzanine floor in your warehouse or storage areas is a great way to maximize your space. With an extra floor, you have potential to supply more product quickly, especially when you can access that floor and retrieve your stock quickly.

Mezzanine floor lifts are one of the quickest, safest and most secure ways to access your mezzanine floor, while keeping your staff and operators safe. MORN goods lift series has been widely popular with their user-friendly designs, safety devices and high efficient work performance.

mezzanine cargo lift

1. Safety comes first:

Safety is a priority in any warehouse. That’s why mezzanine goods lifts have a number of built-in safety features including interlocked gates that prevent opening when the lift is not in the correct place. There’s also multiple controls and emergency stop buttons, manual emergency lowering and overload sensors used for preventing any potential hazards.

2. Productivity ranks second:

As a supplier, your job is to supply fastness! In your warehouse you should always be looking to eliminate any factors that have an effect on productivity. A bespoke mezzanine lift ensures you won’t have to wait for a free forklift or forklift driver before you can move your stock. Plus, because you’re not using a forklift, goods don’t have to be palletized or packaged for safe lifting – saving even more time!

3. Minimal training, minimal time:

If you choose our cargo lift for your business, training staff on how to use the lift will be quick, simple and can easily be taught by engineers and technicians. When it comes to the installation of goods lift, you can either choose your own installing workers or opt for our overseas installing service team who will give you professional training on the spot. There’s no more time-wasting, waiting for a forklift to be free or waiting for a qualified forklift driver to operate it. Remember, forklift driver training is time consuming and incurs extra costs too.

4. Money and space saving:

Forklifts are a more expensive option in the long term and require regular servicing and regulatory checks due to their poor safety record in goods handling work. Your goods lift platform, on the other hand, requires less checks, incurs lower maintenance costs and usually only needs a yearly service or check.

goods lift

5. Match your warehouse by the way you want:

All warehouses are different, so you need a lifting solution that’s bespoke. A vertical goods lift can be fitted to your exact specification, fitted to your layout or operator requirement. Even if you need the lift to stop at waist height, to allow the operator to more easily transfer the goods, this can be programmed in with ease. At MORN we are skilled confidently at customizing goods lift based on your specific requirements (the loading capacity, platform size, lifting height as well as some optional convenient and personalized configurations can all be chosen).

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