Applications and advantages of scissor lifts and home elevators

MORNLIFT scissor platform lifts and home elevators enjoy a pronounced presence in many commercial, industrial and domestic places with 18 years of manufacturing and service accumulation. These two kinds of modern mechanical lift devices address the need of users whose work and life involve hoisting workers and goods up and down among different heights. Featured with versatility of reaching effective working heights, stable base and user-friendly control system afforded by high quality and safety, MORNLIFT scissor lift tables and wheelchair lift for home use are hot-sale products among worldwide customers. What applications and advantages do these two platform lifts offer? Let’s check below. Scissor lift platforms can be employed within warehouses and many other locations where cargoes require to be loaded and offloaded between multi-storied buildings. While self propelled scissor lifts series can be used flexibly for lamp replacements, decoration hanging, or power cable maintenance. Safety features like proximity alarm, wide wheel bases, emergency stop button, and precise controls ensure the lift platforms works well under stringent quality control. Home elevators provide an easy and smooth access for users with limited mobility to sectors or residential areas that have stairs obstacles. Its sturdy and lightweight platform structure can load 250KG with bespoke platform size and lifting height. Of course, it can be also used for common people who use it to replace elevators between floors. As a reliable platform lift manufacturer, we are responsible for manufacturing quality and safe lift equipment for user’s convenient and safe application. But the users themselves should also be responsible for correct operation. Therefore 4 major steps have to be followed when using any lift devices:
  1. Strictly adhere to the guidelines specified in the user manual.
  2. Receive training from lift manufacturer or professionals.
  3. Never exceed the loading capacity of the platform.
  4. Regularly inspect and maintain the lift to keep its performance.
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