Loading dock ramp belongs to the heavy duty equipment family and is mainly utilized in special goods handling work in warehouses, wharves, factories, granaries, or logistics centers where a large number of goods need to be loaded or offloaded.

When a loading dock ramp is desired by goods handling work, people often hesitate on the question that whether to rent a yard ramp from lessors or just buy one from suppliers. Then let’s talk about this question together from 2 aspects.

loading dock ramp

1. Analysis on your work nature

Firstly you should decide the frequency of use of the loading dock ramp in your business. Provided that your business is seasonal or occasional, renting a dock ramp will be more economical. While if your business involves day-to-day or regular goods handling, buying one will be more reliable and flexible.

what is your mission?

2. Analysis on your returns from renting or buying a yard ramp

Renting one or buying one, you should both calculate what you will achieve from it. Under the circumstance of renting a container dock ramp from lessors, you can get the right to use the equipment which can help finish your work conveniently, but with limited service time or strict notes required by the lessor. A great advantage is that there is no need for you to worry about the yard ramp maintenance. Pay the rent and use it, saving you troubles and time.


However, buying one from loading dock ramp manufacturers will bring you a basket of questions, from choosing the supplier to final application of the ramp. It can be worth the effort and money you invested in that you can deeply know your yard ramp and know how to make it better serve your business. Also, you won’t spend time selecting proper lessors whose ramp may not be the one you really need. Besides, at any time can you use your loading dock ramp easily, which is hard for the lessor.

buy a loading dock ramp

Every coin has two sides. Your business need and work nature can decide whether renting a yard ramp or buying one. More details can be obtained from the linked website and other posts under this blog. Welcome to your careful visits and contact with us for any questions about yard ramp or lift equipment.