High-altitude cargo lifts for home operations are often accompanied by operational hazards such as falling injuries and deaths, but with the popularity of high-altitude operation machinery, such risks will be greatly reduced in the future. On 14/25/2018, a message came from the “Boom Aerial Work Products China Market Communication Conference” that the future aerial work channels will be safer, more labor-saving, lower costs, and improve power.


At this communication meeting, the organizer invited well-known experts in the industry to introduce the current situation of the aerial work industry to the participants. Now, our country is in the transition period from traditional aerial work to modern aerial work, and the market prospects are broad. Traditional high-altitude cargo lifts for home operations require scaffolding, hanging baskets, or herringbone ladders. Not only does the work power is low, it costs a lot of labor, and more importantly, safety cannot be guaranteed. In contrast, the dedicated aerial work channel vehicle has many advantages such as safety, high operating power, and ability to complete individual operations.

At the conference, some people raised questions. New technology channels are certainly good, but are there the disadvantages of higher prices? Relevant experts analyzed that according to shopping mall surveys, the use of high-altitude cargo lifts for home operation channels can save at least one manpower, and as labor costs increase year by year, the economics of high-altitude cargo lifts for homes operation channels will become more and more significant. Not only that, site contractors with high-altitude operation channels can effectively ensure the safety of construction personnel and effectively increase construction power.

In recent years, the average annual increase rate of sales in my country’s aerial work channels has reached 23.2%. However, the penetration rate of aerial work vehicles in my country is only about 20% of that of developed countries. Therefore, it is estimated that the high-speed increase will continue in the future. We learned from JGL that their aerial work vehicles now cover multiple types of scissor self-propelled, curved arm self-propelled, mast-moving, etc., with the addition of styles, more and more difficult high altitudes The homework can rely on the relevant machinery to help.

With the development of social science and technology, elevators have spread to every corner of society, and they are used more and more widely. Whether it is construction, civil engineering, or people’s daily life, they cannot do without elevators. Many businesses have grasped this business opportunity. After investing in the construction of factories, lifting machinery companies have established themselves like bamboo shoots in major industrial cities. The high-altitude cargo lifts for homes market is hot and abnormal, and demand exceeds supply. It can be seen from the side that the rapid development of society has led to the development of the entire profession. People’s needs, however, as buyers, how to choose a good crank arm type, scissor-type, aluminum alloy mast type, and mobile walking high-altitude lift trucks have become an important topic today.

1. When buying high-altitude construction cargo lifts for homes, you can’t buy it blindly.

It is necessary to do sufficient shopping mall research and field inspections to determine the company’s plan and the level of its promise. This is first and foremost. Many small planning companies in shopping malls cut corners in order to obtain violence, thereby greatly reducing the quality of lifting products. Although they will sell very cheaply, this kind of machinery is not used for long and has a risk factor. Big. Therefore, as a buyer, you cannot be greedy for a small price and cause greater regret.

2. Summarize the information you are looking for and choose a cargo lift for homes with a better price/performance ratio.

Choose from its technical parameters and practicality and versatility. Usually, there are many types of lifting machines, including (vehicle-mounted, fixed, hydraulic, Scissor type crank arm type, multi-angle construction, aluminum profile, steel, mast lift, cross lift, arm type, etc.) Each of the technical parameters and uses are slightly different, but there are also many functions with similar local, Therefore, as a customer, you should make a purposeful purchase and choose according to your own needs, that is, what do you want to buy a lifting machine, and which type of lifting machine can meet your needs and is more useful.

3. After the cargo lifts for homes arrives, when unpacking inspection, check whether the random technical information is complete

Whether the random accessories, things, and accessories are consistent with the list, whether the equipment and accessories are damaged, defective, etc., and make unpacking inspection records.