Choose a home lift for your house

Wheelchair lift is never prepared only for wheelchair people. It can also be functioned as a small home elevator for users like children, elderly people or housewife who want to go higher floors of the building or need to take the load to higher levels after shopping from market. If you are living in a multistory house, you might consider installing such home lift as well, which creates an easy access to different floors.

16 well-chosen wheelchair lift versions for your choice

Based on years of industrial experience accumulation and customer’s application feedback, MORN LIFT managed to release 16 well-chosen wheelchair lift versions in this year, to closely match a wide variety of installation sites and applications. These 16 versions of vertical home lift platforms are estimated to meet over 90% installation sites, inside or outside the buildings. Should you have special installation and application need that is beyond these 16 versions, we can also work with you to design and manufacture a suited customized fit for you.

wheelchair lift

Versatile Standardization is the key feature

To further reduce production cost and save your money, we adopt standard components and accessories to manufacture wheelchair lift for the disabled by lot production. Standardized components greatly shortens manufacturing & delivery time and facilitates parts maintenance. Lot production earns lower prices for you to save your money. The loading capacity, platform size, lifting height, opening side and optional configurations are all designed within standard range which caters to different building structures and work need.

Safety still stands high for MORN wheelchair lifts

Safety is a strict top priority for all MORN lift products. As for hydraulic wheelchair lifts, safety devices work together to keep safety. There are mainly 6 safety devices upgraded in our newly engineered wheelchair lift:

  • Double chain transmission: its ultimate tension is about 2265kg, ten times higher than the loading capacity 250kg;
  • Anti-falling device: it can lock the platform within 0.2s supposing the chain is break during lifting process, to ensure 100% safety;
  • Safety trip bar: it’s installed under the platform and when contacting children or other materials, it can stop the platform from moving immediately;
  • IP66 electrical parts: they prolongthe service life of the lift regardless of indoor or outdoor use;
  • Hidden high voltage wires: high voltage wires (≧36V) that can hurt people are all hidden inside the machine, far from people’s touching;
  • Safe voltage buttons: all buttons on the control panel have 24V safe voltage that won’t hurt people.

small home elevator

As a wheelchair lift manufacturer, we take this update as a vital step to standardize our product design and production, and to provide more professional service to all users. Making the best of your investment is also our goal. If you want to learn more about our lift products, please leave your message below.