What is MORN mobile scissor lift advantages

As an aerial lifting platform machine for man working, mobile lift platform is mainly used to lift heavy objects. It has a wide range of uses in many fields, such as the lifting platform for loading and unloading goods in freight yard and the working platform for operators in various projects. Scissor type hydraulic lifting platform is a kind of widely used lifting platform with simple structure, large lifting force, stable lifting, low noise, easy operation and maintenance, and can stay at any position within the lifting range. It is widely used in all walks of life and is an ideal and reasonable lifting platform in the field of cargo handling and circulation.

The hydraulic system is the driving and control part of the scissor type hydraulic lifting platform. The hydraulic cylinder drives the scissor to change the amplitude to complete the lifting task. Through the control function of balance valve, speed regulating valve and overflow valve, the functions of speed regulation, pressure maintaining, braking and balance are completed.

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Machine details in advantage

  1. This product is an 8cm thick shear arm, which makes the shear arm thicker and greatly strengthens the wind resistance of the equipment.
  2. This product adopts a shaft sleeve connection, and the adjacent scissor forks are fixed together, which improves the matching degree between the scissor forks.
  3. The lifting is more stable. At the same time, after our yaw test, the deviation is +5cm when the maximum height is reached, while the general scissor product is ±15-20cm.
  4. The chassis is formed by bending the entire plate, which reduces the hidden danger of welding and desoldering deformation.
  5. The double-stroke switch limit of the platform and the cylinder piston provides double protection for the rising limit. Even if all the electrical limits fail, the platform will not be over-elevated, and the safety of the equipment is guaranteed to the greatest extent.
  6. Turn on the emergency lowering device when the power is unexpectedly lost, and the platform slowly returns to the initial position.
  7. The pressure resistance of the high-pressure steel wire tubing is far greater than the maximum pressure of the hydraulic system, ensuring the safety of the tubing.
  8. The hydraulic system is equipped with a pipeline rupture prevention valve, so even if the pipeline accidentally ruptures, it can prevent the platform from falling rapidly.

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Mobile lift platform is widely used in automobile manufacturing, container handling, mold manufacturing and other occasions and factory production line, can be used in different altitudes, at the same time, can be equipped with various types of surface forms, with a variety of control methods, with the advantages of smooth lifting, accurate, frequent start, large bearing capacity and other applications, can effectively solve the industrial factory In the lifting work of various difficulties. Hydraulic type is widely used because of its advantages of stable lifting, small volume and large power supply. The scissors type lifting arm is often used in this equipment, which has the advantages of small volume, convenient movement and small working environment.