why the hydraulic lift for goods does not rise or fall?

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The hydraulic lift for goods is a non-scissor hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment, which is used for the transfer of goods between the floors of multi-storey industrial plants, restaurants and so on. The minimum height is 150-300mm, which is suitable for workplaces where pit cannot be excavated, and there is no need for upper lifting points, with diversified forms (double posts, four posts). The equipment runs smoothly.

The hydraulic lift for goods has the functions of lifting, rotating, tilting, and controlling self-locking, interlocking, travel switch, mechanical limit and hydraulic explosion-proof protection measures. The hydraulic lift for goods has the following characteristics: the platform structure is compact and stable, which can adapt to high-frequency continuous operation; the high stability of the lifting height can meet the stable lifting of various load platforms. The hydraulic lift for goods has an external protection net and an overload safety protection hydraulic system to ensure safe operation.

When we are using the hydraulic lift for goods, there will be some unexpected situations. If you make sure that it is not very serious, you can analyze the causes for yourself, so that you can speed up the efficiency of maintenance. So what are the reasons why the platform cannot rise or fall during the operation of the hydraulic lift for goods? How can we prevent and deal with this failure? Let’s analyze it.

Reasons why the platform of the hydraulic lift for goods cannot rise

  1. Improper use of hydraulic lift. The reason for this situation is due to the damage of the gear pump. The oil without pressure. Itcan be achieved by replacing the gear pump. The one-way valve of the hand pump is stuck and the oil return failure. Solve the oil pump valve bolt, repair, clean, and replace the clean hydraulic oil.
  2. The manual pump and gear pump are leaking severely. The solution is to replace the sealing ring of the oil pump, the filter is blocked and can be replaced or cleaned.
  3. Insufficient hydraulic oil, add enough hydraulic oil to the tank.
  4. If the operation of the support valve or the electromagnetic directional valve fails, the input voltage of the solenoid coil is lower than 220V, the solenoid coil is burned out, and the spool is stuck, the solution is to repair or replace.
  5. Overload, each lift freight elevator has its own rated load. Once overloaded, it will not be able to lift. This problem can be solved by reducing the load within the load range.
  6. Open circuit, check button contactor and fuse, etc.

These are the specific reasons that may cause the phenomenon that the freight elevator cannot be raised and lowered. After reading it, everyone should be very clear.

Reasons why the hydraulic lift for goods down by itself

  1. The check valve of the oil pipe of thehydraulic liftis not tight. Check whether the check valve of the hydraulic system is normal.
  2. The platform is overloaded. Check whether the loaded goods are overloaded. Overloading will cause the meter to drop. This is a relatively easy to overlook.
  3. There is leakage in the hydraulic cylinder of the elevator. Due to the poor sealing of the cylinder, the hydraulic oil of the cylinder leaks, which is usually the problem of the sealing ring and other accessories.
  4. The tubing is damaged. When hydraulic oil leaks, the pressure of the platform and the surface of the platform are falling. It is recommended to check carefully whether the tubing is broken.

These are the specific reasons that may cause the hydraulic lift for goods to suddenly drop. I believe everyone will know why after reading it.