When using aluminum mast lift for aerial jobs, your safety is the number one priority. Recent years, we have read a substantial number of reports on the accidents caused by the misadventure and improper use of aerial work platforms in the job sites. This is why it is crucial that as a purveyor of lifting platforms, we do our part in educating buyers or users on proper use and the safety precautions that need to be followed.

Aluminum mast lift is one of our featured lift products that play an assistant role in a wide range of work sites including construction sites, warehouse, factories, stations, airports, high-raise buildings and so forth. It can be a good helper when you operate it rightly according to safety guidelines and manuals. Here we list 7 safety precautions to guard your safety use and work efficiency.

aluminum mast lift
MORN double masts aluminum lift

1. Always Perform Pre-Operational Inspections

This must be done before every work shift. If the aluminum alloy lift needs repairs or maintenance on any of the parts, it should done immediately before working. All components of the lift depend on one another to perform well. If one component isn’t working well, it could affect the safety of the whole platform. For example, if the wheel of the lift is broken, the lift table could be tilted and workers will fall down from the platform. This can be a disaster!

2. Follow the Operation Regulations and Manuals

For seasoned professionals, following the rules and regulation of the work site can become second nature. But many users may end up ignoring certain clauses because they rely more on their abilities or experience and that’s when disaster strikes. Always understand and obey the regulations written on the manuals and safety guidelines set by the manufacturer when using aluminum man lift and do not push the machine to work beyond its limitations.

mast lift

3. Inspect the Workplace Before Moving the Lift Platform to Job Site

A pre-operational inspection on the workplace can be a necessary to predict risks and plan for their prevention. Look for potholes, slippery slopes, uneven surfaces, overhead obstacles, especially power lines. There are many hazards that can cause certain features of your platform to fail. You need to avoid them, especially if you need to use the platform on a challengeable work site.

4. Entry Gate Must be Closed Before Starting Working

This is necessary for aluminum lift platforms. Do not prop the entry gate open. Make sure it is properly latched and the aerial work platform can work correctly. Do not use the equipment if the gate does not work, otherwise the worker is likely to drop from the platform.

aluminum mast lift
MORN single mast aluminum lift

5. Guardrails are not for Sitting, Climbing or Standing

Guardrails are used to ensure the safety of workers, not to be used for sitting or climbing. Operators must have firm footing on the platform floor. If they’re trying to reach overhead, they must use manufacturer-approved equipment or should use a separate platform to reach that height. Guardrails aren’t strong enough to support excess work.

6. Proper Protection is Crucial

Fall protection such as a full-body harness or a self-retracting lifeline reduces the risk of the operator being catapulted out of the mast lift platform. Keep in mind that even the slightest jarring at the base can cause a sudden waggle. You need to be prepared in case something does happen.

7. Platform Floor Should be Clean at All Times

All materials must be kept away from the floor of the platform. Scrap material, large tool boxes or buckets can be a dangerous tripping hazard for workers.

MORN aluminum mast lifts offers various portable aerial platforms among other machinery and equipment. For their use, we encourage our customers to follow all safety guidelines and procedures so they can effectively use them and stay secure in the work place.