MORN stationary scissor lift can smoothly and safety lift different weight goods to floors of different height. This depends not only on the strong structure, but also more importantly on the control system to command the platform lifting.

scissor lift double layer

The control system of MORN scissor lift adopts the newest design of PLC. which is a digital computing operation electronic system specially designed for application in industrial environments. It adopts 24V power, which can improve the operator’s safety and lift use life .At the same time, PLC system can improve the running speed of the scissor lift.

scissor lift control box

PLC uses a programmable memory that stores instructions for performing operations such as logic operations, sequence control, timing, counting, and arithmetic operations, and controls various types of mechanical devices through digital or analog input and output, which can be programmed as per customers’ need.

scissor lift control box with panel

Basic structure of PLC control system: power supply, central processing unit, memory, input unit and output unit. The combination of these structures ensures the normal operation of the system.

scissor lift control system

The advantages of the PLC control system are as blew:

1. High reliability

2. Easy to program

3. Flexible configuration

4. Input/output function modules are complete

5. Easy to install

6. Fast running

As we known, the control system of each machine is equivalent to the human brain. Only the smooth operation of the control system can guarantee the normal operation of the machine. So come on everyone, there is nothing wrong with choosing us.