People buy a loading dock ramp always with the purpose of convenience and safety. But the dock ramp is a dangerous equipment that needs special care and adherence to the safety guidelines. This article gives 7 safety precautions to help prevent potential accidents and injuries.

1.Operators training

Operators or users of loading yard ramps must be trained with operation procedures and safety instructions that provided by loading dock ramp manufacturers. Every operation detail and preventive measure must be mastered by them who then should pass the relative test, which is also required by OSHA.


2.Safety signage display

The safety signage should be posted on the container loading ramps especially on the areas where safety devices and emergency controls are installed. Also, in the working area, safety signage should be posted on the well-marked places to warn people around.


3.Wear parts replacement

Regular inspection and maintenance should be implemented meticulously to check out any potential wear parts from the loading dock ramps. If any wear and tear is founded, immediate replacement should be done to prevent potential hazards.

dock ramp parts

4.Dock ramp stability

During the loading and unloading process, make sure the wheels of loading dock ramps are secured with wheel chocks, so as to keep the stability of both the dock ramps and forklifts. Otherwise, any little jolt can result in accidents.

5.Working environment safety

Clean up the working environment to ensure there is no obstacle affecting the work of forklifts and loading dock ramps. Also make sure the operation space is broad enough to guarantee the smooth loading and loading work.

6.Avoid overload

Operator and users must know clearly about the maximum load capacity of the loading dock ramps and avoid any overloading work that will weaken the performance of dock ramps and even cause accidents.

7.Seek technical support from manufacturer

Once the loading dock ramps break down or fail to provide normal work, please firstly seek help from the manufacturers who know the machine better, rather than repair the machines directly. After getting effective solutions, you can deal with the problems pointedly.