Loading dock ramp is an auxiliary equipment which can be used in warehouses, docks, factories and some other places where goods gathered in a mass. To specify, it is mainly used between containers and forklifts, serving as a piece of rising road on which the forklifts can be driven to the containers to load or unload goods from or out of the containers. Without loading dock ramp, a larger amount of toilsome loading and unloading work would have been done by manpower, wasting time and increasing human cost.

Solely loading dock ramps, of course, cannot work or offer help lonely. There must be containers or trucks, forklifts, and then these ramps have significance. However, some people may doubt whether this kind of ramp is worth being bought with thousands of dollars. Here, actual applications and welfare brought by loading dock ramp will be sketched.

forklift on the loading dock ramp

1)  Different types of loading dock ramp can meet changeable workplaces.

According to ramp designs, common loading dock ramps can be divided into mobile dock ramp, three-phase dock ramp and stationary dock ramp. As its name supplies, mobile dock ramp can be moved randomly and used in different corners of warehouses or yards. And three-phase dock ramp is best for shipment and storage. Lastly, stationary dock ramp is suitable for using in some fixed places like wharves or gateways.

2)  Loading dock ramp can efficiently reduce business cost and shorten working time.

Nowadays human resource cost presents a soaring trend that will be continuing in the future. If hiring a group of porters to load and unload goods, the employers would spend more money paying them salaries. But buying a loading dock ramp can save this cost, for only one person can finish the loading and unloading tasks. Additionally, working time will be cut with a loading dock ramp.

dock ramp

Fast-growing logistics and transportation industries have thrown new challenges to goods transportation practitioners. High efficiency and fast speed are always the most fundamental industrial standard for modern society. Thus loading dock ramps are essential tools in the whole supply chain.

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