This article aims to tell 2 user-friendly designs of mobile loading dock ramp newly designed by our engineers. The first one lies in the innovation of ramp, and another one is the modification of the tail board, which are both designed from different vehicle types working with the loading dock ramp.

1. Anti-skid ramp platform with non-grid area in the middle part

mobile loading dock ramp customization
MORN custom design

Usually a container loading dock ramp has the feature of anti-skid ramp platform with grid surface, which is able to prevent the forklift from sliding down and causing accidents during loading or offloading work. This feature is also the standard configuration of our loading ramp products, but to broaden its function as an auxiliary equipment, our engineers recently managed to design a more practical ramp platform for a foreign customer. On the basis of reserve the whole anti-skid platform, the grid structure, in the middle (as wide as a hand truck) we changed the grid into a strip of checkered plate that serves as a convenient path for hand trucks or wheelbarrows. In this way, not only can forklift be driven on the ramp platform, but the workers can also deal with small goods with hand truck effortlessly. This design has no influences on forklift running in that the width of such middle path is less than that of the distance between two parallel forklift wheels.

2. An entire tail board

Also, common yard ramps have 2 separate tail board, by which the forklift runs to the top of the ramp. But what if users deal with goods by a tricycle forklift? Don’t worry. An entire tail board can solve the problem. According to users’ need, we can produce a whole part of tail board that can be retracted by tow chains for safe transportation or storage. Thus tricycle forklift can easily access to the ramp loading or offloading goods.

These 2 designs are customized based on our customer’s need, and other custom services are also available for worldwide users. Just contact us and tell us your need, we will try best to provide high quality and reliable loading dock ramp for you.