Overseas goods lift purchasers seem to worry a lot about the installation work of the machine, for problems always linger on their minds - whether the goods lift is easy to install by my side? Should I spend extra money hiring technicians to install it? Or how many workers and how many days it needs to install the machine? If so, we can judge that the goods lift manufacturer you cooperate with is not professional enough to erase your anxiety and worries.

goods lift installation

Similarly, as a responsible goods lift manufacturer from China, we always take trans-positional consideration as an important reference of machine design and test. To clarify, we think from the customers’ angel, design from their needs, and offer practical installation service based on their scenarios. As to cargo lift installation, we can provide 3 ways of instructions for each customer.

1. Detailed Installation Manual

Our installation manual can be divided into two types. The first one is aimed at standard hydraulic cargo lift whose lifting height, load capacity and platform size all belong to normal ranges. This kind of installation manual tells elaborate installation procedures with words and pictures. Another type is designed for those customized cargo lift which needs special steps during installation work. This manual will be written by our technicians according to factory manufacture and preinstallation process.


2. Complete Installation Video

Reading text-version installation manual requires more time and patience to think about the installation steps. Vivid and clear installation video is therefore more convenient and time-saving for installers to refer to. The video, along with installation manual, is sufficient for cargo lift buyers to install it by their own workers.

3.Overseas Installation Service

Provided that you are still not confident about yourself on installing the goods lift as per the installation manual and video, you can also ask for an overseas installation service from us. Our installation technicians will be sent to your country on the arranged date, helping finish the installation work. This service will be charged additionally.

overseas service

So installation will not be a headache for goods lift buyers with our solutions. For more information about goods lift equipment, please kindly visit our website or directly contact us anytime.

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