What should we to do if the speed of residential freight elevator is slow? Can it be modified to increase the speed?

As the most important equipment tool for lifting goods in the factory, the residential freight elevator has strict restrictions on its design lifting speed, but some users will also complain that the speed of the residential freight elevator is too slow. What should I do if the speed of the residential freight elevator is slow? Can be modified? Speed up?

The speed of the residential freight elevator is generally no more than 6 meters per minute. Many people think that the speed is slow. The speed can be improved through modification. There are two main ways to improve the speed of the residential freight elevator, please find as following:

cargo lift application

First One: To increase the power of the hydraulic pump station (motor).

Pump station is the main power of cargo lift, so the speed can be increased by adding the power. This modification requires two to three thousand dollars, a little expensive and it is easy to cause the circuit fuse to burn out or the power line to damage. Frankly says, it is a dangerous operation.

Second one:To directly replace the hydraulic cylinder.

The other way is to change the hydraulic cylinder. The price of replacing the hydraulic cylinder is comparatively cheap, it will cost about 200 dollars, but the load capacity cannot reach the previous weight. Please consider all things when you plan to something.

No matter which method it is, it can be done here, but for the safe and stable lifting of the equipment, MRON LIFT recommends that the majority of users focus on safety and do not recommend modification.

So can the guide rail lifting platform be modified to increase speed?

The national standard rules that the lifting speed of the cargo lift platform shall not exceed 6 m/min. Because the structure of the guide rail lifting platform is mainly based on oil cylinders. The speed will not be too fast, and the advantages of the guide rail lifting platform are also stable, safe, and can load heavy capacity.

As we all know, in order to meet the needs of different indoor and outdoor environments, the load capacity, lifting height, table size of the lifting platform, installation, equipment protection, equipment height and many other factors must be comprehensively coordinated to develop and design. Then it can guarantee the safety and stable of cargo lift.

Although the speed of the modified guide rail lifting platform has increased, hidden safety hazards such as poor control ability behind the speed increase have been ignored. This is be very dangerous. “Modifications will change the output power of the motor.”The output power of the motor and the brake system are not matched, which is very dangerous, and may cause the motor to burn. In addition, the hydraulic system can not keep up, and the consequences are terrible.

Although the modified residential freight elevator has gained speed, it has lost part of its load-bearing and stable capacity, adding a potential danger invisibly. If the self-weight of the residential freight lift is too light, it is easy to cause bumps when the speed is too fast.

Reminder: It is recommended that all buyers of rail-mounted lifting platforms, especially users, should not pursue speed for rail-mounted lifting platforms. Safety is the most important thing; in addition, users are not recommended to modify hydraulic lifting platforms by themselves. If you have any questions or requests, please find the special manufacturer or producer to consult all information. Do remember not to do some dangerous operation without any professional knowledge.